Week 4 Blog challenge 3 places to tour in PA.

1 The number 1 place to visit is Hershey park. It is located in 100 Hershey park, PA. Hershey park is an amusement park where kids can ride rides, its also good for adults. I think Hershey Park is a great place to go if your touring PA. I think you should go there even if your not touring PA. They also have chocolate samples and they make chocolate!

Magic Peanut Butter Middles Emily Carlin via Compfight


2 The second place to visit is Spring Gulch. It is a campsite with mini golf, game room, and concession  store. I went there about a year ago and it was pretty awesome. I loved playing mini golf, I got 2 hole in 1’s. I loved staying there for a couple of nights. It was fun and my friends came too. There is also a pool and a basketball court. I loved staying at spring gulch and you will too.

Image result for spring gulch Map of Spring Gulch.



3 The last place is Knobels. I had a lot of fun camping a Knobles. It is a campground / amusement park. I would go there 3 times if I was aloud to. Knobels is a great place to go if your visiting PA. I also think its good if you like camping.

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