Blog Prompt 5/2

Tyler And Derek: How does visual information help the reader to understand scientific and technical texts?


Derek: When I read technical texts I need pictures because I can’t visualize it without pictures. I also can do them without pictures. I need pictures sometimes, but sometimes I don’t. I would recommend you to use pictures when you are reading a technical text. I would also recommend to have a real picture instead of a fake picture. Then you know what it actually looks like.


Tyler: When I read technical texts, I need pictures. I cant tell what they are doing unless there are pictures. I dont understand how people dont learn visual. I read books without pictures, but it is hard to understand. I need to learn using pictures and maybe even real pictures. It doesn’t have to be a fictional picture, it can be a real picture. If im reading a text on Niagra Falls, I would need a picture. Im definitely not a regular learner, I need a picture of some sort.


Tyler: Scientific text, I can learn without pictures. I can learn without pictures. I know all of earths layers, but I did learn them with pictures. I wanted to try and learn them without any pictures, but I had too. In my science book, we usually learn about the earths layers. It would help if you can learn them with pictures, but then you try and study them without pictures. In tests, there is no pictures so I would study them without pictures.


Derek: Scientific texts can help me visualize the earth’s layers. I do need visualize learning because it helps me think a lot better. Like in a book there is a picture of the earth’s layers and I study it and let’s say I have a test coming up about earth’s layers I can just think of the picture that I studied. I can also imagine that in a test I would definitely need to study without pictures.