Week 8 Blog Challenge Commenting.

I love to comment on other peoples blogs. I can comment on posts I really like and I can visit other peoples blogs. I can also get some ideas from there post, so I leave a comment too. I use the method “STAR, WISH ,WONDER.” I also comment on my friends and classmates blogs. I really like to use wish, so I can say what they could’ve added. I also like to see people from different countrys ┬ácommenting on my blog. Maybe even different states. I love commenting and getting comments back to me.

Week 9 Blog Challenge My Future.

When I grow up, I really want to be a video game designer. I want to work for a company that produces sports games called “2K.” They have made almost all of the NBA games. I cant wait for “NBA 2K17” to come out. But I love playing video games and I would really love to design them. You get to get live looks of how everything’s done, test the game out before it comes out, and also, you get to customize what you want the character to look like. I dont know why I want to become a video game designer, but I think it seems like fun. My other plan is going to the NBA. I highly doubt I will go to the NBA, but it is a dream of mine. I also want to work as a game designer because sometimes, you get to meet actual NBA superstars. I would really like to meet Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Or maybe even a legend. I would like to be character designer. I am hoping to design games in my future.