Just Because

Just because I am Indian,

Doesn’t mean I don’t speak English

Doesn’t mean I don’t like snow

Doesn’t mean I live in India

I am smart.


Just because I am Hindu,

Doesn’t mean I don’t go to church

Doesn’t mean I don’t eat meat

Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in Jesus

I am religious.


Just because I am teenager,

Doesn’t mean I don’t go to work

Doesn’t mean I don’t like to Parties

Doesn’t mean I have girlfriend


I am nice teenage boy.

Just because I am laid back,

Doesn’t mean I am not organized

Doesn’t mean I am failing class

Doesn’t mean I am Lazy

I am going to college.


Where I’m from Hopper

I am from midnight fires

From loud voices and quiet noises

I am from rough hands and roaring streams

I am from the cul de sac

Tulips everywhere in sight

I am from sprinklers drowning the lawn

From never leaving the house in a different door than the one I came in

I am from mass on saturday nights and eating fish on fridays

I am from Audubon, Valley Forge in my backyard and Buds Bar down the street

I am from Irish, Portuguese, and German roots

From corn beef and caldo verde

I am from east coast lifestyle and a west coast heart

I am from bright lights on top of a hill

Everything looking beautiful from far away

From off-roading in the jeep

I am from the Red, White, and Blue

From the United States Navy

Seeing my dad as not only my hero, but America’s hero    

Where I’m From

Where I am From

I am from sundried daydreams hanging on the wash line, standing on the grassy stretch between golden fields of corn and the green sea of soy beans.

I am from the old brick house with century’s worth of stories standing firm on the corner of a forgotten backroad at the edge of a small forgotten town filled with young and old but not so many In between.

I am from meadow tea and lamb ears which over take the flowerbeds and fill the rich clean air, with the faintest scent of mint.

I am from feasts of food and feasts of accomplishments, from Menno and Martha from Hoover and Martin, like oil and water establishing a concoction of originality.

I am from, “Gocky’s”, “Hummy’s”, “Shnicklefritz” and “Dupich Naughty” from a language passed down from generation to generation.

I am from covered heads and ankle length dresses, handmade with love and precision.

I am from home cooked supper at 6 and talking around the table until the lighting bugs illuminate the night sky.

I am from German soil, from grandpa’s smoked turkey and grandma’s creamed corn.

From the gray smoke of the steam engine which my grandfather so adored and the black splotches of bicycle oil.

I am the old Nike shoe box overflowing with mementos and photographs of the good and bad times, sitting on the highest shelf of a bedroom closet. Some memories are torn at the edges by family feuds but taped together again with time. I am the paper made from the family tree and ink made from my ancestor’s blood, merged together to illustrate my life’s story.

Just because






Just because I am a Christian.

I am not a perfect man.

I am not always reading my bible.

I am not always paying attention in church.

                                                                               I am human, I make mistakes, but I am forgiven


Just because I am a Petersheim

Doesn’t mean I am Amish

Doesn’t mean I am cousins with Joel or Jeremiah

Doesn’t mean I am the same as Tyson or Courtney.

                                                                               I am a Petersheim, but this one is different.


Just because I have friends who make bad decisions.

I am not out doing drugs

I am not out partying Friday and Saturday nights.

I am not out throwing my talent or life away.

                                                                       I know my life is more than a moment that could change my life.


Just because I am small

I am not letting size roll my life.

I am not letting my legs tell my brain that I am small.

I am not letting your words take out the dream in my heart.

  I’m silencing those words, and breaking stereotypes


Just Because I Am

Just because I am quiet,

I am not a loner

I am not a coward

I am not a psycho

I am a friend.

Just because I am a maker of mistakes,

I don’t like to quit

I don’t like to laze around

I don’t like to waste time

I do my best to work my hardest.

Just because I am a gamer,

I don’t fail in school

I don’t stay up all night

I don’t act disrespectful

I do well in school.

Just because I am autistic,

I am not dumb

I am not disabled

I am not retarded

I am a thinker.

Where I’m From

I am from coffee cup, from Crunchy Cheetos and Lavender Coconut scented candles. I am from the home wreck (messy, comfortable, never perfect, but homey). I am from the Willow Tree, the Cactus. I am from movies and dark humor, from Nathan, and Jacob, and Madison. I am from running late and rushing around. From “Act like a lady.” And “Go play with the boys.” I am from sleeping in on Sunday’s and skipping church. I’m from Delaware and Matson, Pasta and snacks. From the running away of Nate at 17, the depression, and the hospital visits for Jake. I am from the long wall across of my house hung with pictures with memories attached to each, making everyone smile.







Where I’m From

Grey white owl stuffed toy

I am from stuffed animals, from Harry Potter, and yellow wellies

I am from the backyard, grass overgrown. Where the tree branches dappling the earth with sunshine hang as low as a doorway.

I am from Eastern swallowtails, lone travelers drifting through the phlox.

From muddy paws and Border collie speckles.muddy border collie

I am from extravagant Christmas Eve parties and spiky eyebrows, from Wayne and Clara and Morgan.

I am from impulses, stray whims, and loud mouths roaring.

From “don’t walk behind the horse,” and

“Nanny is allergic to cats.”

I am from Catholicism each time the rabbit appeared bearing eggs—

until skepticism painted a new story.

I am from needles and accidents, withered corn husks and cinnamon rolls.

From the little girl with 14 siblings,

the little boy who walked to school in his faded green sweater,

the man who checks twice to ensure that the locks are locked before he leaves the house.

I am from the paintings my grandfather keeps tucked away

deep enough for the boxes to keep a secret,

with old Polaroids defining my childhood as the precipice between

old and new.

Where I’m From

I am from a stuffed lamb made by a company called EDEN in England.

I am from history, old streets, and tall parking garages

I am from the evergreen, branching out and seeking

I am from eating rice and beans and being dependable. Born from Christopher Flood and Mary Dejesus, raised by the DeJesus’.

I am from laughing loudly and being emotional.

From grandma’s words, “It’s never goodbye, it’s always see you later” and “Yay, a happy plate!”

I am from Catholic believe but a curious mind had led me otherwise.

I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia but I am from Lancaster City, Pennsylvania. I am from home cooked Puerto Rican and Dutch meals.

I am from playing Pictionary with big Uncle Rick, the drunken jokes, and my grandma’s boastful laugh.

I am from generations of family photos, posted on high shelves and wall paper. From smiles that carry warm words of wisdom. These physical memories have no price, joined together again I know we’ll live forever.

Just Because Poem

Just because I’m black,

Doesn’t mean I’m a gang banger

Doesn’t mean I’m a drug dealer

Doesn’t mean I’m a thief

I am an American citizen who is constantly dealing with the prejudices and discrimination

from the society that we all are a part of.

Just because I am a teenager,

Doesn’t mean I’m a partier

Doesn’t mean I’m doing drugs

Doesn’t mean I’m constantly on my phone

I am a juggler, who is trying to juggle school work, a job, a social life, and college preparation   all at the same time.

Just because I’m Christian

Doesn’t mean I hate gays

Doesn’t mean I hate Muslims

Doesn’t mean I’m trying to convert or save people with my religion

I am simply a man who is no better than anyone else.

Just because I am a little brother

Doesn’t mean I’m a spoiled brat

Doesn’t mean I’m annoying

Doesn’t mean I’m always fighting with my older siblings

I am a part of a family, where we love and stick up for each other no matter what.

Self portrait poem

Eyes blue with a light hint of yellow

Making people laugh until they bellow

Ignoring the snakes in the school like a mongoose

Leading my pact tight and never loose

I want to become a successful manager some day

I’d prefer a boat over a car anyway

I cannot stand a liar or manipulator

However lacrosse is my stimulator

Failure is my biggest scare

And I like my all my steaks cooked medium rare