Station 3

My Planet would have Red Skies, and a similar if not the same environment as earth, but the reason for the red skies would have something to do with the oxygen that is produced from the plantlife, anybody that lives here is immortal.

My Planet

If I could create my own planet then I would name it “Garrett’s Planet”. The Planet would be very wooded and have big lakes. The climate would be close to spring and fall but have some warmer months. The planet would be inhabited by lots of wildlife such as deer, elk, bear etc. and the lakes would be filled with tons of fish. If you would visit this planet you would be welcomed by fresh air to breath and clean water to drink. The first thing a visitor would see are plains of wheat and tall grass accompanied by thick woods and towering snow covered mountains that would touch the clouds.

The Outer Surface Visitor

A ringing of cycloptic buttons rang in my ears. Grudging to the strains of pain, I managed to pull off the belt and helmet of the seat. Opening my eyes and examining my surroundings, I see that the ship must have landed in what to seems to be loads of calm water, no land in sight. I launched the shuttle door and its hatch opened upwards.

Vast miles of no glimpses of civilization, I struggled to pull off my seat belt until a mini click charms its way out. I winced at my legs, where a big bloody gash was marked on my left thigh. I lifted my legs, embracing the pain, one over another as I sit at the edge of the floating ship.

My feet hanged and dipped into the cold, translucent water. My back leaned against the stubborn croaking hood. Quietly, I tore my sleeves and wrap my bloody thigh as it soiled in deep red. My hands run through any leftover supplies behind the seat, but only a bottle of drinking water was to be found. As I swirled the bottle into circles, a shadow dwells a few inches away from me.

I flinched, in the sudden moment, where a babe of young age smiled with a lingering glow of sea salt fragrance. Layers of grayish-blue hair woven into miles of braids with a freckled face, a body of what seems to be a mermaid?! With long sliver eyelashes of gray marbles, the babe spoke in tongues I did not understand in.

The next second, it took my hand and pulled me towards her, where the vast ocean was to be in. I grasped for air instantly as my lungs were about to give up from the engrossing waves. Those stilled gray marble eyes enchanted mine as she let go of my hand. Her fingertips, warm like the sun, touched my blushed cheeks and her lips captivated mine. My vision spun into tornadoes as everything faded into black.

. . .

“-tin! …Celestin! Celestin!”

A voice cried and I grasped into the air where my hand extended into an empty room. I sit up and see a cavern room with monochromatic lights among the room. I tuned into what heard to be a song, perhaps a vocalist was to be nearby? As I stood up, I didn’t see the gash anymore. Instead, there was a …tail? Have I become a mer-?! BANG!

A rush of a strong current burst into the cavern room. There was the young gray eyed babe with a dark navy tail, smiling as her voice was a song like the sun. As I start to ramble with questions, her finger points at me in silence. A mini jellyfish-like creature swam by and chokes my neck after gagging a few seconds to realize. It wasn’t trying to kill me, but to communicate in their language.

“Surface-Dweller, what business do you part take in this world?” spoke the sun-kissed lips of the babe.

“My ship has crashed and I have seemed to miss my home. Landed in this vast ocean, are you perhaps a mermaid of some kind?”

“Silence!” her sweet voice echoed, enraged in authority. “What disgraceful names, Sea Fairies are among us, those names are ancient long ago.”

“I see…” I blank in curiousness and confused, “So why do I have a tail?”

As I questioned, the tail moved slightly on its own instinct. I hide my disgust as I avoid my eyes away from her.  The navy tailed babe swam towards me, observing my body and moments.

“A trial. To see what you are capable of doing.” Her gray eyes stilled into mine. “Unless you are to be doomed by us Fairies, we wish to trust dwellers above if you are to be lived.”

She stopped in front of me and in the middle of her hand is a tiny clam shell.

“Take this,” I reach out my hand, “follow the green lights. After gaining the 3 items of the trials, you will be able to go home.”

“I… I don’t understand. Why do I have to do this?”

Those still cloudy marbles enrapture my questions.

“In 7 days, you will become a Sea Fairy if you wish to be. A breath of love will lift your curse if you were to return to being …human. However, if you fail, the Anchors will deceive you with tricks and take your soul.”

Her fingers wrapped in mine, “don’t be lost by those lights and don’t listen to lies. A glimpse of gold will help you with detecting those.”

I stare at the cream coral shell, “Can’t you come with me?”

Her head shakes side to side, “Sadly by the ancient laws, I have to go back to Rena, the Mother of Sea Fairies. Find Eu, the lighter of North.”

She touches the collared jellyfish and it beams an orange color.

“Follow its orange circles and Eu will be there.”

Suddenly, a strong current stuck us out of the cavern room and threw us out in the open. Fogs of electrifying gold jolted around a dark shadow with vivid spears by the hand. The lovely navy tailed babe had lost her sweet voice as her countenance was stern.

“The Anchors…”


(To be continued… )

Nightmares by Cody Varner

Running, running, running

Breathing heavily

Trying to escape

A large, pitch black canine

With razor sharp teeth

And glowing red eyes

It’s getting ever closer

I can hear it’s ragged breathing

It’s heavy footsteps

It’s low yet threatening growl

Don’t let it catch up to me

Don’t look into its eyes, glowing with death

Before the hellhound could reach me

I suddenly awoke

And realized it was only

A nightmare

oval room

I just recently moved into this old house with my friend and his mother, Norma. She told Norman and I to walk around the house and pick rooms we wanted. Inside the house I came across this round, almost oval-like room. The next day when I went back to school there was a guy that I’m friends with but he was being so rude. Later that day in class I was paired up with him for this project. I told him that he should come over to the house since I don’t have a ride to get to his. When we got to the house he was being rude again. We went to the round room and I told him I would be right back, but I really wouldn’t be back. As he stepped into the room I quickly shut the door and locked it behind me. I left him in the room with only his school supplies, a light, a long white table, and a little black folding chair. I slipped a note under the door saying, “maybe if you weren’t such a jerk, you wouldn’t have been locked in here. Enjoy.” He started yelling and hitting the door, but after a while he gave up. Norman asked me why I locked him in there and he said, “Maybe you should do something about him. Mother wouldn’t like him very much.” 3 days passed and when I went to check up on him and give him a sandwich after no food for 3 days, he came over to me and tried to choke me. As that was happening Norman showed up and hit him off me. I got on top of the kid and started strangling him… his eyes slowly shut and he was dead. After realizing what I had done, I told Norman that I didn’t try it and he told me it was okay and we need a plan to get rid of him. As I stepped back from the body, I heard the floor creak and I saw the floor boards were loose. Norman and I pulled up the boards and put the body in the floor.

Station 1- Concert Picture

It was 2 hours before I could go and see Ryan Upchurch in concert. I am going with my best friend Haylee. We have been waiting for this concert for months. We were so happy and excited to see how the concert was going to be. We arrived at the concert and had our tickets. We made sure in advance that our tickets would be for the front row, because we really wanted to be near Upchurch and be able to have a better concert experience. While we were in line there were some guys that were in front and behind Haylee and I. Out of nowhere one group of guys decided to start an argument with the other group. At first the group behind us didn’t really do anything and ignored the guys in the front. One guy in the group in front of us kept on trying to start something with the other guys. Haylee and I just stood there and we weren’t really paying close attention. The guy from the front group walked and pushed me out of the way and started to fight with one guy from the other group. Both guys were taking hits on each other. The guy that pushed me had a bloody nose and what looked like the forming of a black eye. While the guy he decided to fight only had a bloody nose. Before it could get any worse security came and Ryan Upchurch came with them. Ryan yelled at both and security kicked both groups out, after that he saw that Haylee and I were standing there and then he saw that both of us had some bruises since we tried to break it up. He asked if we were alright and we both shrugged it off, but Ryan was so nice that he said that since we witnessed and tried to break up the fight that he was going to take us backstage and that would be how we watched the concert. He also said that he would give us a shirt signed by him for having to put up with that. In the end, the concert was an amazing experience and I could never forget the day I met and hung out with Ryan Upchurch.

Cameron Parris’ Creative Station Post

Station #5

It’s bright outside, the hallways are empty. A flag flaps in the wind, like it’s being sucked into a vacuum. I hear doors open and close, people anxious to get where they need to go. A girl I know, flips me off as I tell her to not run in the halls, as she’s running. My boredom, grows ever larger. I contemplate why I’m sitting here, jotting down observations like a scientist trying to duplicate the results of an experiment. Again, people are passing by, trying to distract themselves until the day they pass from this world. Some, who carry phones, are either texting or talking on it. Wasting time that could be better spent achieving their goals. I look out the window, and see a clear blue sky, with barely a cloud in sight. All the while thinking, “Why? Why is it people die, or why is it we are born?” I know that I’ll never know the answer, but these days, those questions buzz around my brain almost on a constant basis. I’m plagued with a million questions, and I can never have them answered. I don’t know why I’m plagued by these questions, but if I’m being honest, they…. Scare me? I don’t know, I guess more accurately I fear the answers for them. I don’t know for sure.

If you want to see the entire thing let me know, but honestly after this it’s more my personal outlook and perspective. So if you want to see it let me know, but i don;t know if you’ll like it.

Station 5

I hear the keyboard clicks from myself and a student typing. I hear doors opening and closing. I hear teacher teaching students some useless information they will never use in their life. I hear the footsteps of people walking around. I see the frigid weather outside. I see the sun shining over me.

The Forgotten Planet

A ship is approaching a strange planet. Most of it is land, colored blue, about a third of it is ocean, colored pink. It was classified as IEXOP-01. The climates varied, much like Earth. The ship landed in a flat, undeveloped area, there were purple vines draping from what looked like giant red corn stalks without the corn. It looked like a jungle, and it was very hot as well. The air pressure was 76% higher than Earth, so a pressure suit was required, or implosion would be definite. The air composition was 48% argon, 32% methane, 6% hydrogen, and 14% helium, so an oxygen helmet was necessary as well. The ship doors opened and a scout was sent out first to make sure it was safe. As soon as the scout set foot on the planet some blue tentacle, or maybe vine like things shot out of the ground and ripped him apart. Then a mouth opened in the ground and swallowed him. It shot a highly acidic liquid from small holes in its mouth which dissolved the victim, and the nutrients drained through a small throat hole. The rest of the crew grabbed their weapons and shot the monster until it turned orange and shriveled up.

Another scout was sent out and she scanned the area for any other life signs, none were present. She gave the crew the all clear signal and was then ambushed by creatures that looked like tall, slim, turquoise humans. They beat to death her with rocks, or at least what looked like rocks, and then let out a horrific shriek. Then a large winged creature swooped down and snatched one of them. The crew wasn’t going to let those, things, get the best of them, so they shot them too. Then another, smaller, one came out of the trees and scuttled over to the corpses. It had a slightly more feminine look. It rolled the bodies around, and seemed very distraught over their deaths. Captain Andrews reached out his hand to the being, but it bit him and ran away.

“Alright, fan out! I want everyone to split into pairs and survey the area. Contact the others if you run into any trouble,” Captain Andrews commanded.

“Yes sir!” the crew replied. The ship was relatively small. It could just fit the sixteen-person crew with enough room to spare for a storage area, bridge, mining station, and sickbay. Captain Andrews paired up with a botanist, Dr. Michael Jones. The crew also had two scouts, who both died, a zoologist, a geologist/cartographer, an archaeologist, a meteorologist, an astronomer, three medics, a therapist, a big-game hunter, a marine biologist, and an aerodynamicist. Everyone in the crew went through six months of rigorous combat training, and were well equipped to survive on the dangerous new planet.

Andrews and Jones were walking through the open jungle, very vigilant. A slight rustle in the flora sprung them into action, the trigger of the captain’s pistol was almost pulled the whole way. Suddenly, a quadrupedal, clawed, ravenous monster pounced on Jones. He held back its front legs as it tried to rip apart his face. Andrews started firing on it, but it had no effect, for it had an exoskeleton as strong as steel. The captain put his finger to his earpiece and cried, “Mayday! Mayday! This is Captain Andrews, we are under attack by a strange, malicious creature. We need reinforcements. Bring explosives!” Then, he tackled the beast and they rolled around on the ground. He pulled out a combat knife and stuck it in the monster’s mouth, stabbing its throat. It yelped and collapsed, but it got back up, stumbling as it walked. Dr. Jones jumped on it in attempts to keep it down so that it could be killed. He didn’t want this thing coming back after it healed. Brody Sangster, the big-game hunter arrived with his companion, Dr. Eileen Stewart, the marine biologist.

“We got ‘ere as fast as we could cap’n,” muttered Sangster. “I brought a C4.”

“Good, now give it here,” ordered Andrews. Sangster handed him the bomb and rested his hands on his knees, panting. He looked over at Dr. Stewart, who was standing normally.

“How are you not tired?” he asked.

“I went through three weeks of endurance training. Didn’t you?” she replied.

“Uh, well…”

Behind him, Andrews and Jones were struggling to get the explosive onto the beast. They were being tossed around, beaten, and clawed. Captain Andrews, bruised, bloodied, and sweating came over to Sangster and Stewart and told them, “There, the C4’s in place. Let’s get the heck outta here!” The four of them ran into the underbrush and hid behind a large rock. “Here goes nothing!” the captain stated. He then pressed the bright red button on the pen sized detonator. The C4 exploded with a huge bang, and debris flew everywhere. They turned around and looked at the smoke. The beast wasn’t dead. “This planet sucks,” complained Andrews. “We’re leaving. Now!”

The four ran away, avoiding the horrible beast, and Andrews contacted the others, telling them to rendezvous at the ship. When the remaining fourteen crew members got to the ship, they boarded, and started flying away. The door was closing as Dr. Jones was walking in, and then he was seized by the ankle by the wretched beast that ate the first scout. The crew tried to save him, but their attempts were futile. Dr. Jones was wrenched away and eaten by the monster, but the rest of the crew made it back to Earth safely. And IEXOP-01 was erased from all databases, and no one returned there for two centuries. But that crew wasn’t so lucky.


-Ashton Nafziger

jazz tune

A Detective is wandering down a dark, twisty alleyway, the darkness of the broken light posts and the shadows of the unfavorable folk lurking in the alleyway cast a sinister mood around him. They all give him judgmental stares, their looks conveying “you don’t belong here”. This puts the Detective in a defensive, stressed mode, his heart-rate increasing as he continues looking for this new lead. This Detective is chasing this lead on a case of his but he is struggling to catch them, because the lead keeps running away, the Detective’s eyes always catching the back of this head and the tailcoats that pop out from around corners. The Detective found from numerous sources that this lead is a tall, muscular man known for wearing designer clothes and scares anyone who looks at him with the gaze of a man with a purpose, a dangerous purpose.

The Detective is on this case and is tracking this lead because at his office a small girl asked for him to look into where her missing plush bear toy is. No one else was coming to his office anymore, not after the incident…  But the Detective had all the time to help her, and how she looks so sad about her missing toy made the Detective take the case. The Detective did not know that this would lead to him going on a goose chase of tracking down 8 different people, and the 8th suspect is the head of the gang who steals children’s toys for his own son.

But as the Detective continues to turn around another corner, getting increasingly angered by the amount of turns and corners in this sector of the city. He begins to ponder “How can this guy know what steps I am going to take” and “how is this lead so fast?” as he continues to aggressively strut down the alleyway corridor.  The Detective starts to wonder if all the eyes around he are somehow connected to how the lead is able to escape him.  But as the Detective does one more sweep of the alleyway he sees the gang leader lead head down a corner that the Detective knows is a dead end, (but does not want to admit that he knows this from all the wrong turns he took trying to get this guy.)

The Detective chases down that alleyway his shoes getting soaked in the puddles of water scattered around the alley way, as he turns the corner the Detective shouts

“Hold it!


To be continued…