A Pretty Girl

Walking down the hallway in High School is one of the most terrifying seconds of my life. Everyone is looking at you dead in the face judging your every move. She doesn’t care. She lets her beautiful black hair down, and wears no makeup everyday. Her green eyes remind me of emeralds. Her freckles look like stars scattered across her delicate face. She isn’t skinny but she isn’t fat either. She has a chubby stomach but she doesn’t care. Her voice is as gentle as an angel. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and cares about others more than she will ever care for herself. I admire her wisdom, and strength to go her own way when she needs to.

Concrete imaginary

The room dark but a open door and window let some light in. I was among friends playing cards on a grey shanty table. But even among friends I had an uneasy feeling as if something was watching me from the darkness. For some unknown reason, I got up and started running out (perhaps this was a primal instinct to run away from danger) and the next thing I knew I was in a tunnel That was dimly lit up by oil lamps and kept on changing. One moment it was a dug-out dirt tunnel and held up with wooden beams and the next I was in a dark old stone tunnel. I saw 3 lights that glistened red in pitch black darkness in one of these tunnels. They eerily rotated and I felt as if eyes staring me down. These lights Shot right through me and petrified me. It gave a weird feeling of something watching its prey before it eats it. Before I knew it I was forcibly woken up by my conscience in my bed. I sat there sweating fore head down trying to collect the weird mash of a dream this was. Like most dreams this one made no sense, but one that did make sense was the weird sensation that felt like something was behind me.

Concrete Imagery

The buses with the scarring color yellow I’ve dreaded for the past 11 years that make my eyes crumble.

The leaves on the trees trying to decide what their complexion is, messing with the August lovers.

The blue benches that are abandoned until the end of the school year, empty like a broken heart.

The forgotten ruby red do not enter signs.

The accumulation of vehicles waiting desperately for the bell to ring.

The parking lot that goes from deserted to grand central station every morning and evening.

The towering trees shedding their appearance every season into the latest trend.

Every color of the rainbow you can imagine out in the parking lot, every car diverse in its own unique way.

The parents with unimaginable apparel that come to break their kids out for doctor appointments.

The teachers with their heels that echo in the distance as they walk on the empty pavement.

I don’t care enough to name this

The decrepit walls of the abandoned warehouse showed signs of recent abuse; likely just the passing druggie vagabonds. The dark green vines on the wall created a bit of spotty shade from the tainted windows above. Nonetheless, this was the only shelter available to me on this dark stormy night. As I settle down against the chipped red-brick wall, I look around at the run-down warehouse. The logo on the wall seems to depict a food-distributor, but I can’t tell what the name of the company was. It’s blackened by soot, as if someone had lit a fire inside of the warehouse. I slowly close my eyes, and prepare for a long night of uncomfortable and cramped sleep.

The Beautiful Ocean

The waves are gently skipping through the shore, greeting the sand with a warm hello.  The cozy sun is slowly fading away behind the horizon. Soon nighttime will appear from above covering the sky like a blanket. The sky is a soft red tone complementing the sun. The ocean is sprinkled with little crystals that glistens in the water. On the shore, there is a lonely wooden dock that seems lifeless like a dried up rose. The wood has been chipped away over the years. Next to the dock light bulbs are hanged up. That is the only thing that keeps the night going. I stand by the dock admiring the view. The sand tickles my feet, as I walk closer to the shore. The seagulls are scattering the beach like a pack of wolves. They scavenge for food as hyenas. The shells wash up on the shore, sleeping on the sand silently. The waves soothes the beach with its low melody. The day is finished closing the scene, and welcoming night as it takes the stage.

abstract to concrete

A beautiful scene- Our heads bobbled as we drove our car through the patchy grass field. we stopped the car and looked around at the calming scenery, we then opened our doors and stepped out into the knee high wild flowers that engulfed us from all directions. We both knew we were lost but at that moment we knew it was exactly where we wanted to be. I gazed into her eyes, rain-bowed with reflections of pink sky and flowers. The sun was setting just below the mountain tops in the distance as it filled the sky with cotton candy. my arm was around her shoulder as we leaned against the side of my beat-up  car and watched the sunset melt away.

Kyle McHugh

A scary night

A dark quiet night, I walk up to the house. The all wooden house was rotting with some of the siding falling apart. The windows were hazy, and one of them appeared to have a smeared hand print on it. At that point, I should’ve realized it was a bad idea to keep going, but the terror intrigued me to moved forwards. Bats flying over my head and the silence of the night keeps me on my feet. Walking up the porch the stairs creak and the door slams open making me jump, the darkness of the house pulls me inwards. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, I scramble to find my phone to turn on the flashlight. Looking frantically seeing nobody there. A shrill scream comes from upstairs. Rushing to investigate, I find a long pitch-black hallway in front of me. Turning on my flash light I see a black figure standing at the end of the hallway. I run to the first room I see, which appears to be a little girl’s room considering the dolls on the floor and a box of toys at the foot of the bed. Locking the door behind me I run to the opposite corner of the room and stare at the door with the light shining on it. A loud bang hits the door followed by scratching the door handle rattling. I hide under the bed just before the door swings open, and there stands a black figure. It walks over the closet and rips the door open and angrily runs out of the room. I crawl out from under the bed and sneakily walk over to the door. One of the ragged dolls say “momma” in a high-pitched voice that faded out at the end, and looking down I realized a stepped on it. Scrambling to turn it off I finally pop out the batteries and set the doll back down on the floor. Standing up I turn to finish my quest down the hallway and in front of me stands a tall black figure looking me in the face with its beady black eyes. I try to scream, but it’s as if my mouth was sewed shut. It wraps it long bony fingers around my neck and drags me down to the end of the hallway. Feeling paralyzed and helpless I watch behind me as the hallway gets deeper and I go farther away from the stairs. The door slams behind me and everything went black.

There I sat near the revolving doors in the only coffee shop on an empty road that stretched on for miles. I looked at the mocha liquid in my cup and thought back to sloshing around in the slippery mud puddle that used to form in my backyard when it rained. I ruined every pair of shoes I owned that way, soaking them with the soil that had been sitting there outside my home for my whole life.  I also thought of my mother, early in the morning, she would lean against the counter drinking her coffee with a quiet resolve. The quiet whisper going around the shop was calming. I realized I was the only one who wasn’t talking. It was early in the morning, why would I want to talk? The persistent wail of a car beeping outside the shop dragged me out of thoughts. I looked at my blinking neon watch realizing I needed to go to work. I put my coffee cup back on the counter, ignoring the brown liquid that spilled over the brim, and walked out the door knowing I would be back tomorrow for the same routine.

How he makes me feel

It felt like I couldn’t breathe but in a good way, as if his hazel green eyes closed the airways to my lungs but somehow, still gave me a breath of fresh air. I was almost sure I was having heart palpitations but it could have just been heartburn. I felt lightheaded and cloudy, his gleaming smile from ear to ear made me lose my train of thought. And my oh my, his laugh, smoother than an angel’s harp, soothing to the ear. He’s the one who wipes away the one tear streaming down my face, using the right sleeve of his favorite sports team sweatshirt.  His messy dirty blonde hair made you just want to run your fingers through it hours on end. His strong veiny arms wrapped around me like a blanket of warmth and felt like home. When he looks at me, I swear, it’s as if we’re the only two people on this earth. Everything else disappears, the beautifully colored trees, the birds roaming the skies, everything, All I see is him, and I’m overwhelmed with happiness. That’s how he makes me feel.