How he makes me feel

It felt like I couldn’t breathe but in a good way, as if his hazel green eyes closed the airways to my lungs but somehow, still gave me a breath of fresh air. I was almost sure I was having heart palpitations but it could have just been heartburn. I felt lightheaded and cloudy, his gleaming smile from ear to ear made me lose my train of thought. And my oh my, his laugh, smoother than an angel’s harp, soothing to the ear. He’s the one who wipes away the one tear streaming down my face, using the right sleeve of his favorite sports team sweatshirt.  His messy dirty blonde hair made you just want to run your fingers through it hours on end. His strong veiny arms wrapped around me like a blanket of warmth and felt like home. When he looks at me, I swear, it’s as if we’re the only two people on this earth. Everything else disappears, the beautifully colored trees, the birds roaming the skies, everything, All I see is him, and I’m overwhelmed with happiness. That’s how he makes me feel.

Paint Sink

As my sister was beginning to learn how to paint, she tried to create her own cotton candy filled sky. As she was mixing her own paint to combine it with water, she shrieked out in anger, as she dropped the paint into the sink, making a complete mess, staining the sink with many colors. She began to sigh, as if she has already given up on her project. I began to think of how I could help her strive in the current situation. I saw how smooth the paint looked as it sunk down the drain, it made me realize how cool a splatter would look. I taught her how a simple flick of the brush could create such an affect. The vibrant colors of the paint stuck to the white sink like glue.

Abstract to Concrete

A scary night

A dark quiet night, I walk up to the house. The all wooden house was rotting with some of the siding falling apart. The windows were hazy, and one of them appeared to have a smeared hand print on it. At that point, I should’ve realized it was a bad idea to keep going, but the terror intrigued me to moved forwards. Bats flying over my head and the silence of the night keeps on my feet. Walking up the porch the stairs creak and the door slams open making me jump, the darkness of the house pulls me inwards. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, I scramble to find my phone to turn on the flashlight. Looking frantically seeing nobody there. A shrill scream comes from upstairs. Rushing to investigate, I find a long pitch-black hallway in front of me. Turning on my flash light I see a black figure standing at the end of the hallway. I run to the first room I see, which appears to be a little girl’s room considering the dolls on the floor and a box of toys at the foot of the bed. Locking the door behind me I run to the opposite corner of the room and stare at the door with the light shining on it. A loud bang hits the door followed by scratching the door handle rattling. I hide under the bed just before the door swings open, and there stands a black figure. It walks over the closet and rips the door open and angrily runs out of the room. I crawl out from under the bed and sneakily walk over to the door. One of the ragged dolls say “momma” in a high-pitched voice that faded out at the end, and looking down I realized a stepped on it. Scrambling to turn it off I finally pop out the batteries and set the doll back down on the floor. Standing up I turn to finish my quest down the hallway and in front of me stands a tall black figure looking me in the face with its beady black eyes. I try to scream, but it’s as if my mouth was sewed shut. It wraps it long bony fingers around my neck and drags me down to the end of the hallway. Feeling paralyzed and helpless I watch behind me as the hallway gets deeper and I go farther away from the stairs. The door slams behind me and everything went black.

A scary night

All four of us leap in the truck, and decide to go deer spotting. As we start spotting my older cousin gets the idea of going to Gault road, the road where nightmares are made. As we get to the top of never ending hill, we roll the windows down and turn the car off. We begin to panic as we hear something creep though the mysterious woods. My oldest cousin also hears it, grabs the keys and runs into the infinite darkness of the woods. As we begin to panic as four dark figures straight from hell appear. We are frozen in our tracks, stunned by fear. I’m unable to move, my hearts beating out of my chest. As they get closer to the truck, two of the evil figures grabs me and my cousin through the window. The others jump into the bed, and death seems to be in the near future. My cousins shriek pierces the silence of the night. They reveal their faces and our faces light up like the fourth of July. After a short moment of realizing we were not longer going to die, we realize it was our dads. It’s a night that will always be remembered.

Abstract to Concrete Imagery

I was running, but I couldn’t remember why, but I knew for some reason I couldn’t stop. My lungs felt as if I was breathing in fire.  The endless veil of darkness seemed to cover everything. I was stumbling and tripping over anything and everything.  The only light was the faint glow of the moon cascading across the ground. I was lost and didn’t know where I was going, but I could stop. The wind’s strong gust made every step feel like a mile. Moments passed and I needed to stop. Stopping at a tree to catch my breath, but I was too tired and couldn’t catch my breath which felt as if it was trying to run away from me. Watching my breath condensate in front of me gave me chills. The night was cold, but for some reason my hand was warm. Suddenly, what felt like thousands of needles stabbing my arm all at once. Looking down to see what was wrong I noticed a dark liquid covering my arm. The endless stream of dark blood flowed off my fingertips into the puddle that had accumulated below.  Grabbing my arm with a vice like grip to stop the blood, but a soon as I touched it, I remembered what happened. I remember what I was running from. Paralyzed with fear I couldn’t move. Finally after what had felt like an eternity I was able to move and almost instantaneously something hard cracks the back of my head and it all goes black.

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Station 5

In a quiet, sunny place. I hear cars rushing bye. People trying to make as much money as they can in the small amount of time they have in their day. Money hungry. I see buildings, just chilling, not going anywhere. I hear teachers screaming at students. And they wonder why they don’t get respect from some of the kids. I hear a loud noise approaching me. Automatically, scenarios pop through my head of what this noise could be. Maybe a car, maybe a big truck coming to smash into the side of the school, maybe it’s the end of the world, or maybe its just a mower. It’s a man blowing leaves away with a leaf blower. Not as bad as I thought. I see advertisement signs. Company’s trying to outdo their competitors.  Fighting and scratching just for that little bit of money. Just like the wild. Animals fighting and killing for food. Humans…. Humans are wild animals.

abstract to concrete – Jere Ringler


A timeworn pair of sunglasses half covered in sand that lay inconspicuously on a beach. They are old and there is nicks and scratches covering them. However, at one time these glasses were new and shiny and were worn by a captain of an inherited tuna fishing vessel. This captain was as new as a pair of shoes never worn and inexperienced and had bought the glasses so he looked more qualified. He thought he could prove that he had enough knowledge to be a great captain. However, on his first trip out to sea he ran into a storm. The waves were like mountains driven by winds that could rip his ship apart at any minute. He tried his best to control his ship that was bucking like a wild horse however he lost control and his ship broke like a bottle smashed on the floor. The captain struggled and fought in the salty water to swim and stay afloat but was futile against the swirling of waves. Then years after the wreck these sun glasses were a disturbing reminder from that fateful day. The glasses washed up from the unforgiving sea onto shore were people stroll by unassuming of the tragic story those weathered glasses could tell.

Concrete Imagery: Leah

Going up to Syracuse, New York every year is one of the most memorable memories I have from my childhood. Every time we went to Syracuse, we would go to Green Train bridge, a metal bridge which spans over a train track. At this bridge, there were ramps on both side of the bridge starting from the rocky and grainy parking lot connecting and leading up to one another that is separated from the actual tracks.  The bridge is surrounded by a fence that has rust taking over. As you walk up the ramps, you get higher and higher from the ground. Then once you get to the top, the bridge goes over the whole width of the old, dirty train tracks. As time goes by, we would just wait for the big, deathly machine to go underneath the green, old bridge. As they go underneath, the wind hits you in the face with a strong force that seems like you are in the middle of a hurricane. When we went this past winter, we looked out over the snowy tracks, holding onto the old, rusty pole.  When the train goes underneath you, you feel like you are invisible, because you would never think that you would be taller than this huge engine, transporter.  The only thing you hear is the big, deathly wheels riding against the rails. This is where my love for trains came from.

Vivid Imagery-Erin Diehl


A relaxing night on the crystal blue waters of the bay. He ran up the edge of the dock to find a lovely girl with her brown hair blowing in the wind like being fanned by a thousand tiny hummingbirds. She sat sitting on the edge of the dock with her long legs hanging over the edge into the freezing water of the bay with no care in the world. The colors in the sky change as if a painter was painting the sky. You can see the sun set in the background showing a peaceful night ahead as if all the animals in the world would make peace for one night. The docks lights start to shine in the setting sun like firefly’s flying around the dock. He sat down next to the girl as the sun goes down above the bay. When you go over to the edge of the dock you can see the colorful fish of orange and blue swimming below the clear blue water but fading away as the sun goes down above. Looking to the right he saw a halo like glow above the girl’s head as she laughed and smiled in the sun setting behind her. Looking to left you could see the house next to the dock becoming a dark shadow only lit up by the glowing light of thousands of tiny round porch lights. Everything was calm as the night was close to an end. Smiles were shared between the girl and the boy. The sound of the rustling leaves in the tree nearby, and the moving of the water in front of them like water swooshing inside a glass. His arm around her allowed her to rest her head on his chest. Closing her eyes and listening to the soft beating of his heart going faster and faster, like a train speeding up on a track whenever she looked into his handsome green eyes. Nothing could have been better as they sat on the edge of the dock.

Creative Imagery

Number 4


Suzuki 230

When I was younger I absolutely loved riding four-wheeler all around my house. It was all I ever wanted to do. One day my dad asked me around the dinner table if I wanted to go with him and a couple other riding. I was so happy I ran around as fast as I could as though I was a mouse running from a cat. Then the day finally came. It was enjoyable other than bouncing on rocks all day long.  After a couple hours of riding even a bumpy four-wheeler ride can make you feel like resting. I slowly clonked out up against my dad’s back, and woke up later to find my dad jumping off the four-wheeler while leaving me on it in the middle of a big puddle. I was calling out to my dad, “dad, dad!” until he explained what was happening. Them my dad tied a rope to another four-wheeler and told me to hang on. The first few feet were intense. I turned the wheels straight as they pushed through the mud. Eventually I was rescued. I gave my dad a big hug to resemble my gratitude. It was all worth it.