Station 1- Concert Picture

It was 2 hours before I could go and see Ryan Upchurch in concert. I am going with my best friend Haylee. We have been waiting for this concert for months. We were so happy and excited to see how the concert was going to be. We arrived at the concert and had our tickets. We made sure in advance that our tickets would be for the front row, because we really wanted to be near Upchurch and be able to have a better concert experience. While we were in line there were some guys that were in front and behind Haylee and I. Out of nowhere one group of guys decided to start an argument with the other group. At first the group behind us didn’t really do anything and ignored the guys in the front. One guy in the group in front of us kept on trying to start something with the other guys. Haylee and I just stood there and we weren’t really paying close attention. The guy from the front group walked and pushed me out of the way and started to fight with one guy from the other group. Both guys were taking hits on each other. The guy that pushed me had a bloody nose and what looked like the forming of a black eye. While the guy he decided to fight only had a bloody nose. Before it could get any worse security came and Ryan Upchurch came with them. Ryan yelled at both and security kicked both groups out, after that he saw that Haylee and I were standing there and then he saw that both of us had some bruises since we tried to break it up. He asked if we were alright and we both shrugged it off, but Ryan was so nice that he said that since we witnessed and tried to break up the fight that he was going to take us backstage and that would be how we watched the concert. He also said that he would give us a shirt signed by him for having to put up with that. In the end, the concert was an amazing experience and I could never forget the day I met and hung out with Ryan Upchurch.

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  1. i like the story. I would recommend using specific details…instead of “starting a argument” , give the fight starter some words, and describe the punches/hits…give it some action.

    Dreamy ending.


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