Cameron Parris’ Creative Station Post

Station #5

It’s bright outside, the hallways are empty. A flag flaps in the wind, like it’s being sucked into a vacuum. I hear doors open and close, people anxious to get where they need to go. A girl I know, flips me off as I tell her to not run in the halls, as she’s running. My boredom, grows ever larger. I contemplate why I’m sitting here, jotting down observations like a scientist trying to duplicate the results of an experiment. Again, people are passing by, trying to distract themselves until the day they pass from this world. Some, who carry phones, are either texting or talking on it. Wasting time that could be better spent achieving their goals. I look out the window, and see a clear blue sky, with barely a cloud in sight. All the while thinking, “Why? Why is it people die, or why is it we are born?” I know that I’ll never know the answer, but these days, those questions buzz around my brain almost on a constant basis. I’m plagued with a million questions, and I can never have them answered. I don’t know why I’m plagued by these questions, but if I’m being honest, they…. Scare me? I don’t know, I guess more accurately I fear the answers for them. I don’t know for sure.

If you want to see the entire thing let me know, but honestly after this it’s more my personal outlook and perspective. So if you want to see it let me know, but i don;t know if you’ll like it.