Dear Football,

Dear football,

We came into each other’s lives when I was just five years old.  It started when I was so little playing football in Coatesville and I found my love for you.  I would tuck you high up in my hands against my body and run with you for as long as I could.  I made a vow to myself to never drop you when I had you and I was doing so good with that promise as I came up through little leagues.  Even though I loved basketball as well and you started to become jealous and questioned the love I had for you.  I tried to convince you I loved you so dearly, and then something bad happened… I had to get surgery and I couldn’t play football that season and it left you heart broken and it split us apart for a long time.  During the time, we began to see other people as I saw basketball more and more and basketball was getting all my attention now.  Until finally, we met again and we picked up right where we left off.  You have brought me wonderful things in my life so far, can take me so many places in life and will take me to college as well.  I hope to see us go further than college someday football.

Love, Javi

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  1. Love all the little details and how you connected with the sport after your surgery and that you and football can go further

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