The Outer Surface Visitor

A ringing of cycloptic buttons rang in my ears. Grudging to the strains of pain, I managed to pull off the belt and helmet of the seat. Opening my eyes and examining my surroundings, I see that the ship must have landed in what to seems to be loads of calm water, no land in sight. I launched the shuttle door and its hatch opened upwards.

Vast miles of no glimpses of civilization, I struggled to pull off my seat belt until a mini click charms its way out. I winced at my legs, where a big bloody gash was marked on my left thigh. I lifted my legs, embracing the pain, one over another as I sit at the edge of the floating ship.

My feet hanged and dipped into the cold, translucent water. My back leaned against the stubborn croaking hood. Quietly, I tore my sleeves and wrap my bloody thigh as it soiled in deep red. My hands run through any leftover supplies behind the seat, but only a bottle of drinking water was to be found. As I swirled the bottle into circles, a shadow dwells a few inches away from me.

I flinched, in the sudden moment, where a babe of young age smiled with a lingering glow of sea salt fragrance. Layers of grayish-blue hair woven into miles of braids with a freckled face, a body of what seems to be a mermaid?! With long sliver eyelashes of gray marbles, the babe spoke in tongues I did not understand in.

The next second, it took my hand and pulled me towards her, where the vast ocean was to be in. I grasped for air instantly as my lungs were about to give up from the engrossing waves. Those stilled gray marble eyes enchanted mine as she let go of my hand. Her fingertips, warm like the sun, touched my blushed cheeks and her lips captivated mine. My vision spun into tornadoes as everything faded into black.

. . .

“-tin! …Celestin! Celestin!”

A voice cried and I grasped into the air where my hand extended into an empty room. I sit up and see a cavern room with monochromatic lights among the room. I tuned into what heard to be a song, perhaps a vocalist was to be nearby? As I stood up, I didn’t see the gash anymore. Instead, there was a …tail? Have I become a mer-?! BANG!

A rush of a strong current burst into the cavern room. There was the young gray eyed babe with a dark navy tail, smiling as her voice was a song like the sun. As I start to ramble with questions, her finger points at me in silence. A mini jellyfish-like creature swam by and chokes my neck after gagging a few seconds to realize. It wasn’t trying to kill me, but to communicate in their language.

“Surface-Dweller, what business do you part take in this world?” spoke the sun-kissed lips of the babe.

“My ship has crashed and I have seemed to miss my home. Landed in this vast ocean, are you perhaps a mermaid of some kind?”

“Silence!” her sweet voice echoed, enraged in authority. “What disgraceful names, Sea Fairies are among us, those names are ancient long ago.”

“I see…” I blank in curiousness and confused, “So why do I have a tail?”

As I questioned, the tail moved slightly on its own instinct. I hide my disgust as I avoid my eyes away from her.  The navy tailed babe swam towards me, observing my body and moments.

“A trial. To see what you are capable of doing.” Her gray eyes stilled into mine. “Unless you are to be doomed by us Fairies, we wish to trust dwellers above if you are to be lived.”

She stopped in front of me and in the middle of her hand is a tiny clam shell.

“Take this,” I reach out my hand, “follow the green lights. After gaining the 3 items of the trials, you will be able to go home.”

“I… I don’t understand. Why do I have to do this?”

Those still cloudy marbles enrapture my questions.

“In 7 days, you will become a Sea Fairy if you wish to be. A breath of love will lift your curse if you were to return to being …human. However, if you fail, the Anchors will deceive you with tricks and take your soul.”

Her fingers wrapped in mine, “don’t be lost by those lights and don’t listen to lies. A glimpse of gold will help you with detecting those.”

I stare at the cream coral shell, “Can’t you come with me?”

Her head shakes side to side, “Sadly by the ancient laws, I have to go back to Rena, the Mother of Sea Fairies. Find Eu, the lighter of North.”

She touches the collared jellyfish and it beams an orange color.

“Follow its orange circles and Eu will be there.”

Suddenly, a strong current stuck us out of the cavern room and threw us out in the open. Fogs of electrifying gold jolted around a dark shadow with vivid spears by the hand. The lovely navy tailed babe had lost her sweet voice as her countenance was stern.

“The Anchors…”


(To be continued… )

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  1. Great story development here! Your writing was engaging and very sensory, so the reader is pulled along nicely. Good use of dialogue and mysterious imagery.

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