December 11

Technology I Couldn’t Live Without?

Hello, this another one of my blog posts. Sorry I haven’t been posting in a long time. I’ve just been doing many other things in this time that I’ve missed. So anyway, on to the blog post. This the one of the questions I have to answer for this post.

  1. Is there a machine or a piece of technology you feel as though you couldn’t live without it?  Why?

I am now going to explain what my answer is to that. Computers, and smartphones. I’m now going to explain my answer, because I can live perfectly fine without computers, and smartphones. But here’s the catch. Without computers you can’t safely keep information without somebody being able to steal it. Also, this means no quick research, so you can’t just search online on your smartphone or computer because if they didn’t exist, you would would have to go back to using books for research. Also, credit cards wouldn’t exist because there wouldn’t be a computer to scan your credit card on, so we’d have to go back to the days of always using paper money. Also many people would lose their jobs because there are tons of jobs based on using a computer, like animator, video game designer, green screens, computer designer, coders, and so much more. Also, there are a lot of people that use computers for playing video games, and I’m one of those people. Video games are really entertaining, and without computers/smartphones that wouldn’t be possible. Additionally, without smartphones you wouldn’t be able to call or text anybody by taking it out of your pocket because there would be no smartphones. So you’d have to go back to using an old lumpy computer on a desk. Finally, without computers/smartphones you wouldn’t be able to email, use YouTube, or any sort of social media, because computers wouldn’t exist.

This was a REALLY long answer, but I hope you enjoyed the writing, goodbye!

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