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Internship Fair Tips!

Use these sweet tips to learn how to be successful at the upcoming internship fair! 

  1. Do your research – Look up the companies that are attending the fair and do some research so you can comment or ask questions based on your research to show that you’re serious.
  2. Dress to impress!
  3. Bring copies of an updated resume.
  4. When greeting a business representative, shake their hand,  smile, and introduce yourself.
  5. Your introduction should include your name, your interests, and why you’re interested in this internship opportunity.
  6. Listen closely to what the representative has to say. 
  7. Ask questions about the internship or company.  
  8. When the conversation is over, ask for an application and a business card so you know who to contact to follow up with about your application after you submit it.
  9. Next, complete your application and submit it by following all of the instructions given by the business.
  10. A week or two after submitting your application, call or email the business representative to see where they are in the process of hiring and interviewing for the position.
  11. If you get an interview, prepare by practicing answering interview questions and picking out your interview outfit.


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