Number the stars chapters 1-5

With a partner, answer the following question: How does the encounter with the Nazi soldiers on the way home from school affect Annemarie? How would it make you feel to be in a similar situation? Is it hard to even imagine? Your response must be AT LEAST 3 paragraphs in length. Remember to share your […]

Week 7 blog challenge :Outside GAMEZZZZZZZZ

Foursquare Elimination Failing to hit the ball into another square Allowing the ball to bounce more than once in their own square Hitting the ball out of bounds or onto an inside line Hitting the ball incorrectly, such as holding, catching or carrying Hitting the ball with a part of the body that are not […]

Week 6 blog:Top American sports

Sports 1.The most popular sport is probably Baseball (MLB) 2.Football is also very popular (NFL) 3.Soccer 4.NASCAR 6.all of those sports are popular but the most popular round world is the Olympics 7.track 8.lacrosse 9.wrestling 10.Hockey   .

week 6 blog challenge :Food and culture

Virginia State Parks via CompfightActivity 1 In United States we have created lot of foods .Here are some . Top 6 that i know 1.Pecan pie BriarCraft via Compfight 2.tater tots Zagat Buzz via Compfight 3.corn dogs Matthew Stinson via Compfight 4. smores Ryan Dickey via Compfight 5.mac and cheese Karl Baron via Compfigh 6. […]

Blog Challenge Week 3:Top 3 hobbies of mine .

This is all about my favorite hobbies . My favorite hobby is to hunt ,and most people judge people and just because i’m  a girl that doesn’t mean i don’t hunt either and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!Some day I will provide for my family and make deer jerky ,well that’s my dream to do […]

Week 2 blog challenge:Comment away!

The first step on writting a great comment is to do star wish wonder.Star means what you did good on.Wish means I wish you would have… .Finally wonder ,wonder mean i wonder if… . Examples below. You described your setting very well.I wish you would have used more dialogue. Also i wonder what Matthew was […]