This is all about my favorite hobbies .

My favorite hobby is to hunt ,and most people judge people and just because i’m ¬†a girl that doesn’t mean i don’t hunt either and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!Some day I will provide for my family and make deer jerky ,well that’s my dream to do .

My second hobby of mine is Sports. In a way sports is relaxing to me in.For example it is a way to get my aggravation out.It makes me forget about drama ,and think about what is to come in life .Also sports is a way i get to meet new people.

Finally it is listening to music/singing.I am currently in honors chorus which is so much fun.And I can express how i am felling .If i’m felling sad ¬†probably will listen to music that is sad.Also I love to sing and some day i want to write a song .

I hope you enjoy and comment down below. What are your favorite hobbies.

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