My dream in life is to travel around the world but there is one place that stands out to me which is Brazil .I would love to go there because i would like to see the Brazilian team play soccer .Also to explore the pretty land.Eu vou te ver em breve o Brasil.

The second place where i would love to go is Jamaica because i would love to learn more about where some of my family came from and how they lived there.

Finally i would love to go to Costa Rica because i would love to learn more about the country.

2 thoughts on “Week 4 blog challenge:Where i would love to visit someday. (Top 3)

  1. Hi Tiana,

    I think Brazil, Jamaica and Costa Rica would al be great places to visit too.

    So you play soccer? If you do, who do you play for?


  2. HI Tiana, I think that those are aIl hope that one day you could go to one, maybe Jamaica because of your family. Do you play soccer? Is that why you want to go to Brazil?

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