Dear Mom  ,                                        Day 1                               *Note NOT TRUE!

So when I was at camp I was in the chipmunks group.Of course the guy I  really like was also in the chipmunks group.And most of use might think that wasn’t bad but it was a overnight camp and we were sharing the same bunks .If you know me you know how clumsy I am .What if something happens .we were enjoying our day and it became night real quick,I fell of the bunk and accidentally fell on my crush.So mom what should i do?Do i have to move to  different cabin ,I don’t  know?So the next day has come  and we all woke up and made breakfast at the camp fire.I asked how he was doing  and he said great now that i saw you (blushing moment there).And at that time i felt bad but happy at the same time.

Love you Mom!

Your Daughter,Stormy Rain


Day 2

Dear Dad ,

Guess what I can finally call self a mechanic,you know that has always been my dream.So Isaiah came over and he needed his car fixed ,also he needed parts.So i changed his tires for him.He said i did a pretty good ob so he told his friend who works as a mechanic and he got me a job , and i love it here .

Love you Dad!

Your Daughter,Stormy Rain

4 thoughts on “Describe your most awkward moment and how you felt at the time ?

  1. Hi Tiana !
    I’m Sarah Online . I understand that you would feel embarrassed. We’ve all been embarrassed sometime in our lives. What was the name of the camp you went to ?

    -Sarah Online

  2. Hi I’m Lexie Online from
    I really, really liked your post it was very funny and cute and a lot of other words I don’t remember!
    Any way here is my question…
    How did you fall on your crush??
    Example: You could of fell on the floor?
    Thank you!!!
    -Lexie Online

  3. I forget the name of camp also i rolled out of the bed because in my sleep i fell note this is not true.

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