IMG_0927Creative Commons License Virginia State Parks via CompfightActivity 1

In United States we have created lot of foods .Here are some .

Top 6 that i know

1.Pecan pieMaple Pecan Surprise Pie BriarCraft via Compfight

2.tater totsBig Daddy's Diner - Tater Tots Zagat Buzz via Compfight

3.corn dogsP1100284 Matthew Stinson via Compfight

4. smoresCreative Commons License Ryan Dickey via Compfight

5.mac and cheeseMacaroni and CheeseCreative Commons License Karl Baron via Compfigh

6. Finally the milkshake and many more.tBanana and strawberry milk shakeCreative Commons License Mate Marschalko via Compfight

Also did you know that NIKE was founded in  the U.S.

In our area  the best restaurant known to makes food is definitely Shady Maple so if you ever come in the area check it out .Image result for shady maple

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