With a partner, answer the following question: How does the encounter with the Nazi soldiers on the way home from school affect Annemarie? How would it make you feel to be in a similar situation? Is it hard to even imagine?

Your response must be AT LEAST 3 paragraphs in length. Remember to share your google document with Miss Hecker. If you and your partner have different opinions on how it would make you feel, be sure to include BOTH opinions and why you feel that way. You may use the book as a resource.

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Annemarie was put through a hardship just from running/ practicing for a race for school. She was stopped by a Nazi soldier on the way home from school which was the hardship. For her, it was really scary and she was afraid. She was also probably worried about what would happen. She thought they might’ve hurt her but they just were a little suspicious. Also it help in the long run because they know to stay away from the Nazi soldiers.


If I was in the same situation as Annemarie, getting stopped by the Nazi, I would feel so afraid and so embarrassed.. I wouldn’t know what to do but  i would probably  have run away. With tears running down my face in fear and fright..What would you have done if you were put in their shoes.?Also i would have been terrified because if they saw Ellen more than one time she would have been caught and probably been taken away because she was jewish  .Also it is very hard to imagine going through that. I would think, if I was put through that hardship, it would be one of the hardest things on Earth, and my best friend almost being caught? That would be soooo scary.
If anyone I knew was put into that situation, jewish or not, I would still help no matter what happens. If it did even get close to happening, that is super hard to imagine, it would be so difficult to get though. It is hard to even picture! I don’t judge people who are not the religion i am but just because they are Jewish that does not  mean to abandon them probably they did whatever they did to survive.

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