First of all I would so play a prank on someone else.And today i am planning a nasty prank on my mom.I am going to say there is a mouse in the kitchen and if you know my mom you know she i very scared of mice.In fact she runs upstairs for like 30 minutes until the mouse is gone and out of the house .Wahaaaaaa she is never going to see this coming.So i would rather prank someone then get a prank played on me.Comment down below what you would do?

2 thoughts on “Free write 4/1/16:Today is April fools day .Would you rather play a joke on someone else or have a joke played on you ?Explain.

  1. Hi Tiana,

    I’m Dee White and I’m an Australian author with 16 books published for kids and teens. I blog at and where I sometimes run free writing competitions for kids as well. You can find out more about me and my work at my website

    I really liked your April Fool’s Day post. Is that what happened when you told your mom you saw a mouse? What did she do when she found out it was a prank?

    I must admit I like playing pranks on people, but I don’t mind when they prank me back. Sometimes it gives me ideas for new pranks 🙂

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.


  2. Actually yes that is and also she said to me dont you dare do that to me but she was still laughing .
    I will checkout some of your books .

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