Marking Period #4 Update

This year’s 4th Annual Elementary Gifted Expo was a success!  We had approximately 40 students turn out on the evening of May 21 to share their independent investigations with a great audience of parents, teachers, family, and friends.  Thank you for coming to support not only your child, but all the students who worked long and hard to prepare this evening for you.  Way to go students!

As we wrap up the 2018-2108 school year, I am in awe of how similar, yet how different all of my students are from one another.  I get this incredibly special job — of tending to the growth of students who are “gifted.”  This label, like all labels, can sometimes be loaded — loaded with assumptions and expectations, with myths and mystery.  I consider it an honor (& my responsibility) to continue to learn as much as I can about the population of students whom I serve and about each of them, individually. To that end, I want to end the year with a few recommendations of books I’ve acquired this school year that you too might find interesting.  In the mix of vacation and yard work, you may find me stealing away some time in my hammock this summer reading some of these:

101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids by Christina Fonseca

How the Gifted Brain Learns by David Sousa

Parenting Gifted Children by Donald Treffinger

Don’t worry — I’ll also be reading some good fiction to allow my mind to wonder — it’s essential to our creativity.  I spend a lot of time praising my students’ curiosity throughout the school year.  Most of the kids I spend time with have an insatiable appetite for learning new things.  I want this desire to learn to always be true for them. Encourage your child’s curiosity this summer.  I’ll look forward to hearing about all their questions and discoveries in August!  As always, thanks for sharing your children with me this school year.

Kind regards for a sweet summer!


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