We conquered the curl!

My family’s vacation this summer was to Williamsburg, Virginia.  One of our days was spent having fun, getting wet at Water Country, USA.  A favorite of my three boys was the newest ride in the park, the Colossal Curl.  This slide hurtles you high above the park after swishing and swirling you in a funnel shaped feature.  My three boys agreed, it was phenomenal!

Colossal Curl

One thought on “We conquered the curl!

  1. Sup, it’s me, Jonah Lenahan again. I kind of felt compelled to comment on this little segment, as I’m featured in the image provided. so, yeah, my mom’s totally right about the colossal curl. It can be categorized as phenomenal. Once again, have a great year in ELANCO school district. I’m in warwick, so you probably won’t see me. Bye!

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