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Welcome Back! – Journey with Me


Doesn’t that clear blue water look inviting?  Our family is not usually a regular “beach” family in the summertime.  We rather prefer the “lake and mountains” vacation.  However, this summer I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Barbados — that picture was my morning view for 5 days.  Breath-taking!

Barbados is a very small island in the Caribbean Sea.  Actually, it is the southeastern most of the Caribbean islands — with the Atlantic Ocean actually bordering its eastern coast.  Our journey there had us taking our car to the airport, a plane to North Carolina, then another plane to the tiny island.  A total of 11 hours from when I pulled out of my driveway, I was looking at this beautiful view.  It’s amazing how quickly we can journey to somewhere completely different on the globe.

The most exciting part of my journey, though, was to see something (or someone) else who had also journeyed to get there.  He looked something like this:

My own underwater camera did not capture an image as clear as the one I’m sharing here.  This is a green sea turtle.  Sea turtles are easily found swimming off the coast of Barbados. I It was a great treat to snorkel and swim with a couple of these fascinating creatures.

As many of you know (one of you even did your independent research on them last year), sea turtles make journeys too.  They migrate hundreds and even thousands of miles to reach their breeding and nesting grounds — often returning to the same beach where they were born.  Scientists still aren’t exactly sure how they know the way, but it is thought that they rely on things like the ocean’s currents, the earth’s magnetic field, and water chemistry.

Like the sea turtles, we are about to embark on a journey together.  It is the new learning journey of the 2019-2020 school year.  There will be exciting and wonderful things to see and do along the way.  Using the theme of “JOURNEYS” as our guide, I look forward to guiding you and exploring together as we go.  Where will this journey take you?  I can’t wait to find out!  Welcome back friends!!

~Mrs. Lenahan