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Many Ways to be “Intelligent”


This week we are talking about how “intelligence” means so many different things.  It’s not just limited to being good at reading and math; out strength areas also lie in other areas as well.  Howard Gardner has one theory on intelligence.  We watched this video to learn about his theory of “Multiple Intelligences”.  Watch it […]

Our Gifted Bill of Rights


Today we got to know ourselves a little better.  We’re starting the year with understanding our strength areas and how that makes us unique.  What fun learning lies ahead as we get to delve into  your passions! Our “Gifted” Bill of Rights You have a right… … to know about your giftedness. … to learn […]

Pop on In!


Welcome new students!  As we begin this year together, I’m so glad you popped over to my blog.  I love reading, words, and rhythm.  Here’s one of my favorite poems to get us started: I Love the Look of Words Popcorn leaps, popping from the floor of a hot black skillet and into my mouth. […]

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