My Genius Hour Project!


  1. I really liked how you added that your dad used to bake. I really wish you would’ve said more about yourself than just your age. I wonder what your cake recipe will be.
    Sincerely, Leila
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  2. Hi, Courtney! I think it’s a great idea to make your own cake recipe for your ending project. I wish you would’ve been more clear when you were listing ingredients. What are you going to research first?
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  3. Hi Courtney, this is Saraiah.
    I really liked how you said all the materials that you need, and that you know exactly what you need. I wonder if you are going to use this skill in the future? I wish you would have said what you are using for your cake
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  4. Hey Courtney, thanks for the comment! I think you have a very unique idea for the project. I wish you would have made the list of ingredients more clear on what they were for. I wonder what type of cake you will be making, or if you are starting COMPLETELY from scratch. Once again, thanks for the comment! Please come re-visit my blog at;

  5. Allo, it’s Kate. I like your idea, but I’m wondering what the question is. I wish you added the question. Come visit my blog at

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