You Discover Your Parents Are Spies… Part 4

What would you do if you found out your family was a family of spies? Well this story will tell you about a girl who learns what being a part of a family of spies feels like! And how to become a spy!


Ava woke up the next day, “finally it’s Saturday!!!” She said. Her parents were up and talking while her dad was making breakfast. Her parents were excited for the day, Ava was a little nervous. Ava sat down and ate her breakfast, while she was eating her parents told her about the organization they are going to go to, this afternoon, for Ava’s training.


After breakfast her parents told her to relax and watch TV, so she didn’t lose a lot of energy. When Ava turned the TV on she instantly fell asleep! Her parents were surprised, “She must have been tired.” Her dad said. She didn’t wake up till 12:00 P.M. When she woke up she was like OMG I slept for a long time!! Her parents were making lunch, grilled cheese and tomato soup! Ava’s favorite!!


After lunch Ava got into the car with her parents they were in the car for an hour and a half! Then her parents blindfolded her and took her into the building. When they got into the building it was black, like pitch black! You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Then the lights came on and Ava SCREAMED!!

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  1. I like this story a lot

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