April 4

Genius Hour #3

This week during my genius hour time in class, I have finished my elevator pitch and presented it in front of the class. I didn’t have a lot of trouble making the pitch. This week I have met my goal of starting research, by learning about a new helmet called ZERO1. By the end of next week I hope to have finished researching this helmet and move onto a different one.

March 22

Genius Hour Post #2

This week I have been working on my elevator pitch! An elevator pitch is when you have 1 minute to 1:30 to sell someone on your idea. I have had a hard time writing a smaller amount than I am used to, especially on the bullet points. By tomorrow, I will be finishing the pitch and posting it on my blog. Next week I hope that I will be  able to start researching and get deeper into my project!


Thank You for your time and consideration;

Sincerely, Jackson Custer

March 14

Genius Hour Project

I have decided to follow my passion of sports, and do something related to that. The project I will be doing is; How can  we change or modify football gear to cause less injuries? I chose this topic because I love football and so do all of my friends. One of them couldn’t play because their parents didn’t want him to get hurt. So I got to thinking, and I wanted to make football gear better so that my friend could play. By the end of my project I would like to learn about ways to make football gear safer, and even design a more secure helmet if possible. Thank you for reading, and I will keep you posted on how my project is going!


February 6

Dewey’s Car Invention

Dewey was on his annual commute to his mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. On his way he had a terrible mishab. He fell of his horse and broke his left arm and foot. As it came to him, he realized that he couldn’t ride his horse or get to his mom’s house. As he felt very bad about not being able to make it to his mother’s house, he wanted there to be a way to get there without having to work. Due to his condition, he thought of the car, because you only needed 1 foot and arm to drive. After many years he made the car. After he invented the car and he started to drive it he arrived at his mom’s house 5x faster than he used to!