January 26

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

By: Jackson


Martin Luther King also known as M.L.K was a VERY important part of the American civil rights movement! He was famous for making African American people and white people have equal rights. He was also famous for starting The March On Washington on August 28, 1963. The March On Washington ended at the Lincoln Memorial. That was also where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “ I Have a Dream” speech. The speech was all about how African Americans wanted their freedom and their voices heard.


The March was a non-violent way of African Americans having their voices heard without causing too much distraction. The African Americans wanted to have equality. Lincoln gave slaves equality by giving them their freedom. If you were African American you were discriminated against. Some examples are they would have to enter through the back of restaurants and eat outside or on the floor, they would have to give up their seat on the bus and drink from separate water fountains. Those are all examples of segregation.


M.L.K was in a very brutal era with a lot of hatred in the world. In 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving her seat up on the bus. In 1957, Martin Luther King and other civil right activists organized the movement of civil rights. Martin Luther King passed the Civil Rights act in 1964. That was a phenomenal year for him because he was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! Martin Luther King faced his death on April 4,1968. He was shot off of a balcony by James Earl Ray. This is a picture of James Earl Ray getting arrested.   

Martin Luther King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial. I think he gave his speech there because Lincoln freed slaves no matter what their skin color was. Lincoln also had the same respect for blacks and whites. I think that Lincoln was an inspiration for M.L.K because he treated everyone fairly. That is what M.L.K wanted all whites to do. Martin Luther King Jr. made such a difference that we celebrate his life on January 16.


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To learn more about Abraham Lincoln go to https://www.whitehouse.gov/1600/presidents/abrahamlincoln


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January 11

The V.R

The V.R was awesome!!! I could feel the Amazon River breeze float beneath my feet. I finally got to see how massive the surge of waves were. The V.R makes you feel like you are actually there. When I took off the V.R I felt like I was in another dimension.

January 6

The 3 Little Pigs: Flipped Around

The 3 Little Pigs: Flipped Around

One day the big bad wolf was walking along a road, nobody seemed to notice a stray wolf walking on 2 legs looking for food, I guess they didn’t care. He said to himself, “ I really need some food, but no animal is just going to give themselves up. I need a plan.” He said. Then the wolf wandered over to a forest and spotted 3 tender good looking pigs, waiting to be devoured.


Then he knew, “ These pigs look foolish enough to lure into my little howl.” He hid behind a rock close to the pigs in a cavern, and saw them talking around a fire. Then he said “ I’ll just ask one for directions, then right then I will snatch my food”. The wolf walked over and right when he was going to open his mouth the pigs ran and hid behind a bush then said, “ Go away, we’re smarter than you think, we’re armed !”


“ Oh, I’m not here for food I just need some directions to um…. Um….. to Candy Cane Lane.” No you don’t you want to eat us”, said the little 3 pigs. “ Fine then, I will ask someone else that is a lot more pleasant than you pigs.” The wolf went back to his hiding place. He saw them building houses. One was building it out of meadow grass, that made the wolf laugh so much he fell to the ground and made a loud thump that triggered the pigs.” The pigs turned around and said, “ Hey, what are you doing back here, not at Candy Cane Lane?” The wolf answered, “ I couldn’t find anyone to help me so I came back here.”


The second pig was building a house out of pinecones. The wolf claimed he could blow down anything in his way. Of course he told the pigs that, but they didn’t believe him. The third pig built his house out of ore. As SOON as they finished building their houses they ran into them shut the door and locked it. I was so furious I just wanted to destroy their little houses. So I did. I kicked down the door and rushed inside.


The pig was cornered and had nowhere to go. He barely managed to jump out the window just as I leaped forward. He scrambled over to his brothers house and yelled “Let me in the wolf is after me!”  “ No, you’re just pretending, I bet you are the wolf!” “No I am your brother!” “Your brother is gone now! Wahahaha,Wahaha.” And that’s how it became the two little pigs and the big bad wolf!       


December 23

New Super Powers???

                Chapter 4: New Super Powers??

( If you haven’t read superheroes chapter 1,2,3 then go to the search bar and you’ll see them all )

So the alarm went off and they got on their super suits and they went to the city. When they got there they saw him and ran up to him. He was a monster he had a fish head with a human body!!  Jake said who do you work for and the monster said The Shadow. The four superheroes said at the same time WHAT!!  So then Jackson said “ What happen to you” He said “ He cut my head off and cut someone’s head off and put my head on the body “ All right night night time” Tank says. Then Tank punches him and knocks him out cold.


So they took him to the base and told sensei Kevin what happen. So sensei Kevin told them what happened to him. He said “ He put him in the blue ooze to put his head on the human body and if we can take out the blue ooze from him and give you all new super powers!!! The great news of the fish-human was very exciting for the team.   So sensei Kevin rewarded them new powers. Their powers didn’t just come naturally though they came through. A necklace with a crystal on it gave them their powers. If they forgot the necklace they would be useless. Then they got their powers and had to find them out?

What will their powers be?


                                      To Be Continued…    


December 21

Kids Should Not Worry About Deforestation!!!

        Is Deforestation An Issue Kids Should Worry About?

                                                       By :Jackson


Deforestation is not an issue kids should worry about. It is not an issue because in order to improve transportation routes,a country might encourage road expansion into forests. The new roads give access to loggers,settlers and large-scale commercial activities. This supports my opinion because if we cut down those trees loggers have a bigger paycheck to thrive on, farmers have more land to grow crops on and architects have more land to build which results in more money for them.


This is another reason why kids should not worry about deforestation. It is not a problem kids should worry about because the biggest cause of tropical deforestation is subsistence agriculture:converting the land into pasture for livestock or to grow crops,in order to provide for one’s family. This supports my opinion because if farmers don’t get the land they will not be able to grow crops or raise livestock.


Some people might argue so I will put a reason why kids should worry about deforestation. A reason kids should worry about deforestation is to preserve tropical forests is to teach farming methods that do not destroy the forests. In shade farming certain crops like coffee are grown within the forests without cutting down many trees. I can use this fact to my advantage. I can use it to my advantage because if us farmers keep selling the same products people will get bored of what we are selling and ask for more. Which results in needing to cut down trees.


That is why I think deforestation is not an issue kids should worry about.     


December 19

My Blog is Awesome!!!

                        Blog Challenge Week 10sbc-2016



                                      Posts For My Blog

I worked very hard to complete all of the challenge during my time in class. I wrote 27 Posts throughout the challenge!!! 7 of them were set by the challenge, 17 of them were school based and 3 of them were my own interest. The post with the most comments was On The Cliff Of Cantaloupe Creek. It had 19 comments. The reason I think that post had the most comments is because my classmates weren’t commenting overseas yet. My favorite post was The Pilots ROCK!!! It was my favorite because I love Twenty One Pilots!!!

                          Comments / My blog Theme

I have a lot of comments and visitors!!! I have 73 comments and 126 visitors. 32 of the comments were from classmates, 4 of the comments were from teachers, 3 of the comments were overseas and the rest were my responses. I did not change my blog theme because I liked how it was set up and how it put my widgets on the side and my posts in the middle. I comment very often. Especially overseas.


                    Blog Roll/ Flipboard Magazine 

On my blog roll I have 14 widgets. I think that is too many. I think it is too many because 10 is a good number for widgets. I have 91 overseas students on my blog roll. I do not read the flipboard magazine because it is blocked. To make my blog unique I added a flag counter, videos, an about me page and widgets like an avatar that looks like me!!!


                 What The Blog Challenge Did For Me

My favorite week was week 5. It was my favorite because we got to be creative and write our own stories. My least favorite challenge was week 3. I didn’t really like it because it was a TON of work. If I learned anything from the blog challenge it is that you can always become a better writer. What was your favorite challenge?


                               Here are some links that involve similar topics:

        http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/     http://blog.elanco.org/ageimanla/









December 13

The Pilots ROCK!!!

      The Pilots ROCK!!!                  By:Jackson                                   Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco 

Twenty One Pilots is the best pop band ever!!! They have a ton of good songs like Fairy Local, Car Radio, Stressed Out, Ride, Heathens, House of Gold,Tear in my Heart, Cancer, Holding on to You and Can’t Help Falling in Love. You can look up “Twenty One Pilots music” and these songs will pop up. You should listen to some of them!!!

You are probably thinking no pop band are christian singers right. But Tyler Joseph the lead singer is a christian!!! He also plays bass. Tyler Joseph was born December 1, 1988. The band started to get popular in 2011. The album Blurryface was released May 15,2015. The picture in the top corner is of Tyler Joseph at a concert!!!

Twenty One Pilots was voted the biggest breakout band in 2015!!! They are open to new band members. I hope you like my story and I hope you visit some of the links below. Please listen to some of their songs!!! Do you like Twenty One Pilots? 

http://www.twentyonepilots.com/  https://www.youtube.com/user/twentyonepilots

http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/13-things-we-learned-hanging-out-with-twenty-one-pilots-20160120                    Noelle Redman via Compfight