March 22

Genius Hour Post #2

This week I have been working on my elevator pitch! An elevator pitch is when you have 1 minute to 1:30 to sell someone on your idea. I have had a hard time writing a smaller amount than I am used to, especially on the bullet points. By tomorrow, I will be finishing the pitch and posting it on my blog. Next week I hope that I will be  able to start researching and get deeper into my project!


Thank You for your time and consideration;

Sincerely, Jackson Custer

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3 thoughts on “Genius Hour Post #2

  1. 1yL3R (Tyler

    Hello, Jackson Its Tyler.
    I Like how you put what an elevator pitch is for people who might not know
    I wonder what you’re going to do for Genius Hour
    I wish you would’ve like put what a pitch would kind of look like for people who don’t quite know what it is
    Welp that’s about it :p Come Check out my blog 😀

  2. mansi681

    Hey Jackson it’s Leila,
    I really liked how you said something you are having trouble with. I wish you would’ve told what your topic is in your title or text. I wonder what research you are doing next week.
    Sincerely Leila,
    Also please come visit my blog at

  3. hershea980

    Hi, it’s Drew.
    I wish you would have told us what you are doing for your genius hour.
    I wonder why you made it so that people who didn’t know what it was to understand?
    I like how you told us a lot of stuff about what you did.
    If you have time come check out my blog.


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