April 4

Genius Hour #3

This week during my genius hour time in class, I have finished my elevator pitch and presented it in front of the class. I didn’t have a lot of trouble making the pitch. This week I have met my goal of starting research, by learning about a new helmet called ZERO1. By the end of next week I hope to have finished researching this helmet and move onto a different one.

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2 thoughts on “Genius Hour #3

  1. hoffnam918

    hi Jackson, it is Madisyn. I liked how you said that you reached your goal. I wish that you would have put 1 fact you learned, I wonder what your topic is.

    when you have time, check out my blog!



    Hi Jackson. This is an interesting topic and you found a good resource with the Zero1 helmet. I have to say that I am skeptical that a helmet can make much of a difference with what happens inside a person’s skull, but I am hopeful that solutions like that can help players. Thanks for the interesting information!
    Mr. Karcheski


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