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My See Think Wonder!


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Banana? STUBC#17 Activity 2




I wanted a banana, I wanted baloney

But this cook, must be a phony

I told the waiter what I wanted today

And guess what, not a word did he say

The cook said he’d do it, and a good cook he was

He got a banana, and gave it to my cuz’

My cousin ate it like a pig, watching him was not fun

And when he was done, oh, when he was done

He gave it back to the cook, and I was wondering why

And then he brought out my lunch and I said, “OH MY!

There was the banana peel all yellow and green

And the baloney inside, oh this cook is so mean

I didn’t touch the baloney, I didn’t touch the peel

But so mad this cook made me feel

I stomped out of the restaurant not even paying a dime

And I went to a new restaurant where I got a tasty lime

At the end of the day I was feeling sick

So I said goodnight to my dog named Mick

I sat down on my queen-sized bed

And I layed down to rest my head

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What Did I Write? STUBC#17 Activity 4


Los gatos Javier Díaz Barrera via Compfight


All In A Mouse's Night stuart anthony via Compfight


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The Horse Who Made a Hole: STUBC#17 Activity 3


There once was a giant horse, and one day he went walking, and he met a big, very tired parrot, who asked, “may I perch on you?”  “Sure,” said the horse in a rumbling voice, so the parrot perched.  Next he met a big, old stork who asked in a scratchy voice, “may I perch on you?”  “Yes, sir stork, you may!”  Answered the horse.  By then the horse was getting very heavy, and suddenly…

You can finish the story!  Write what should happen next in the commenting bar!  Picture Credit: Pixabay

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My Avatar


My avatar looks like me in a cat version because I like love cats.  She has blue eyes like me, and has blond hair like me.  I made her have brown cloths so she looks like a cat.

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How Horses got Hoofs



Long, long ago horses had no hoofs, and now days they do have hoofs.  This is the story of how they got those hoofs.

One day there was a group of horses, and one horse, named Dash, was steaming hot, and he suggested to play in the mud.  Since they were all hot, the went to play in some nice, cool mud.  When they got out of the mud there was mud in between, and on their toes.  They tried to get it off, but they couldn’t.  They all blamed Dash, who liked the mud in between his toes.   After a week or so, it dried.  About 2 days after it dried, there was a Saber-Toothed Tiger, it dashed off after all the horses.  They all ran away, and they were going much faster than usual.  They realized that the mud was helping.

When the Saber gave up, not a single horse was hurt.  All the horses apologized to Dash, and honored him.  I didn’t think a mud-bath would help that much, thought Dash.  It helped them many times, and that is why our horses today have hoofs.

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Animal Knight Chapter 2


Chapter 2



Amanda stepped into the dark, spooky forest.  She walked, and walked until she saw something flutter by.  “Ahh!”  Screamed Amanda as she ran in circles.  


“What was that?”  Spoke a voice.  The creature fluttered down on Amanda’s back.  But to Amanda’s surprise, it was just Twyla.  


”Thanks for scaring me Twyla.”  Said Amanda sarcastically.


“Lets search together,”  says Twyla.  


“Ok, better than alone.”  Answers Amanda, “Lets go toward the tree, but search while we walk.”


They started walking, when something else fluttered by.  “Twyla…”  Amanda said angrily.  


“What?  It wasn’t me.”  Said Twyla quietly.


“Then who was it?”  Asks Amanda.  


“D-don’t know.”  Answers Twyla.  “Probably just the wind.”  The two kept on walking, and walking to the great tree.  


In the east, Caitlin was walking, when suddenly she saw a dark figure.  She started running, when she bumped into something. She realized it was just Hannah.  “Did you see that dark figure?”  Hannah asked.


“Yes, of course I did!”  Answered Caitlin.  “Do you think that it was the owl?”  They both shuddered for a moment, but then stood still.  


“Well, it may have been, but I won’t stick around to find out.”  Says Caitlin.  Hannah agreed.  They headed toward the tree.  4 minutes later…


“Ok, everybody is at the tree now.”  Announced Amanda, “anybody find anything?”


Caitlin spoke up, “Hannah and I think that we may have seen it, but were not really sure.”


“Yes, we did,”  says Hannah next.  “It fluttered by, but couldn’t it have been another owl?”


“Yes, it could’ve been.”  Answered Caitlin.  “Any sightings from you two?”


“We thought we saw it, but we think it was just the wind.”  Says Amanda, “I thought I saw it before that, but it was actually some owl named Twyla.”  All four of them giggled for a moment.


“Anything else,”  asked Twyla.


“Nope!”  Everyone said.  “Then let’s go back to tell the widow.”  The four friends walked to the cottage.


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