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Maggie Bauer – Administrative Internship

Hello! My Name is Maggie Bauer and I have been the Administrative Intern at Garden Spot Fire Rescue. I began my internship in the Fall semester of 2020. Throughout my time at GSFR, I have been able to work with many different people and tasks. Every day is a little bit different in the department. Everyone is very welcoming and understanding, which is very helpful.

My daily routine at the fire department looks a bit different every day. In this environment, day-to-day routines are variable. Depending on what are the priorities at the time, Nick and I work on different things every day. I have gained experience working with vendors, QuickBooks, labeling mailers, working on spreadsheets, and many more. I work with Becky, the assistant treasurer when working with the company’s finances. She has taught me a lot, and not just about paying bills. We have had many meaningful conversations and I always look forward to getting to work with her.

My internship has taught me a lot about the business industry. I have learned many lessons on how to communicate with customers and the public, while also learning how to respectfully fundraise and teach the community about who we are. There have been ups and downs, dumb questions asked, and silly mistakes made. Throughout all of that, I never feel judged and I am always encouraged to ask more questions. One thing I love about the fire department is the relationships we form there. I always look forward to seeing someone new in the department. I have grown so much in my relationship with Nick, Becky, Chief Darryl, and many others with who I am able to meet and work on a day-to-day basis. I will never forget the memories and companionships that I had at GSFR.

To conclude, I love working with the fire company as an intern. I still love it after one semester. I am still growing and learning, and my mentors understand and give me grace. I would 100% recommend interning at Garden Spot Fire Rescue to anyone interested in understanding what a non-profit organization is like, and growing mentorships and friendships with pretty awesome people.


jhackman • April 9, 2021

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