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Pathways2Success Cooperative Education is designed to provide Garden Spot High School students the opportunity to earn credits while learning the skills for 21st Century careers.   The goal of the program is to help students achieve a high priority, high skill, and high-paying career.

The first semester includes classroom instruction that focuses on learning employability skills that local employers desire while providing a customized learning program based on individual student need.  The instruction is often looked at as just-in-time instruction based on individual needs that arise during the semester.  During both semesters students take any core credits online or in the traditional environment that is needed to graduate.  The remaining portion of each student’s schedule allows the student to leave the school campus to work at a job and earn an hourly wage.  The Pathways Coordinator will visit students at their job site, communicate with student employers on a regular basis, and assess students at their job and on classroom assignments.

This program was created to reach students who typically do not intend to pursue post-secondary education. However, students in this P2S program have the goal of passing the WorkKeys exams from CareerLink.  Passing these tests results in earning the National Career Readiness Certificate and allows students the opportunity to apply for a CareerLink grant that will ultimately pay for additional training in high priority careers in Pennsylvania.   These trainings (short-term or degree based) typically are offered through HACC, Thaddeus Stevens, or CTC programs.

To learn more about each student and their working experiences while enrolled in the Pathways2Success Cooperative Education Program,  keep tabs on the home page of this website.  You can also receive notifications of updates on Instagram and Twitter.

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