Week 16 Blog Post

Share your reactions to your novel without giving away the ending. Identify if you recommend the book or not, and what kind of creative project you are going to make.

I enjoyed the book “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway, and I would recommend this book to others. Overall, I think it shed light on important topics such as the Lost Generation, as I believe that these topics can be easily forgotten by those who did not live in this time period. Alongside this, it spoke on the effects that WWI had, and that all wars will have such as causing the general population to develop disorders such as PTSD, habits such as drinking, and less emotional connection in platonic and romantic relationships. I chose the ABC book project.

Week 17 Blog Post


This article shows how developments are being made to help disabled people have more job opportunities. In my opinion, I think its important that we should do everything we can to provide opportunities to disabled people because they can make great contributions.

1. Why were disabled people ostracized in the past?

2. Why did it take so long for humanity to begin accepting people in the world? This is confusing because many religions with many followers teach respect and love as core values.

Week 15 (5/5)

Blog post-Discuss your opinions about something related to class. For example,  What is good about our society today? What makes you proud to be American?

What is good about our society today is that a lot more people can be heard and their opinions are valued, because of the technologies that we have to spread ideas like social media and phones, and democratically elected leaders. This gives more power to the general public rather than a totalitarian leader.


Response post- Discuss your opinions about something related to class. For example, How important is the family dynamic in today’s society? Should children still obey their parents? For how long?

Family dynamic is still very important in today’s society and there is much value in the generational knowledge that is passed down. I think that children should obey their parents, but also understand if there are biases because there are many questions about morality in these changing times. I think it’s best to be informed of the history of controversial subjects and the socially accepted opinion in order to understand what you should and shouldn’t follow.

Week 13 (4/21)

News article- Find a contemporary article somehow related to topics from class; share link, summarize, give your opinion, ask two questions



This article describes the widening wage gap, especially in cities, and its devastating effects on the general urban population. I think that it’s crucial that people with great ideas are rewarded, but I also think there should be more opportunities for people in lower-income societies.

Would our society be willing to move towards more government intervention for the sake of humanity? To what extent are wealthy people willing to go to aid impoverished people?

Week 11 (4/5)

Response post- Discuss your opinions about something related to class. For example, Is it better to have an outlandish dream or none at all? why?

I think it’s better to have an outlandish dream because it can help one develop a sense of self and what they want out of their life. Many people find themselves having their lives constructed for them by someone else, but its more valuable to set goals that are difficult to achieve than a goal that is easy to attain, because more growth will happen by aiming for a difficult goal.

Week 12 English 11 (4/14)

Independent Novel Post- Choose a contemporary American novel to read and blog about your initial impressions and reactions to your book.

I chose the book “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway because I’m interested in reading a historical fiction book to gain knowledge about the effects that real life events had on people. The Sun Also Rises describes post-WWI life with Amercians and British, which interests me because I want to see the effects of the war on common people of the time.

Week 10 – 3/31

My opinion on individuality vs conformity is that often times people take what others think of you as gospel, which may be holding one back from reaching their potential. I believe that you should not set limits on yourself and that you should take time to understand your purpose and gifts, and not let anyone influence you away from them if you truly feel passionate.