Prompt: Would you rather make presents for your family instead of buying them OR make ornaments for your Christmas tree instead of buying them? WHY?

Creative Commons License Susanne Nilsson via Compfight

I would rather make ornaments for my family’s Christmas tree instead of buying them. I would rather do this than making presents for my family because there’s not really that much I could make for people that they’d actually need or use. Plus, I really like doing arts and craft-related things. Even though making presents for my family can be an arts and crafts project I don’t think that I could finish everybody’s present in time. Personally, I am a pretty slow worker. I think Christmas ornaments would be easier and faster. For ornaments, I’d have fun with all of the patterns I use.

Also, making my own ornaments for my family’s Christmas tree would solve a minor problem that I have with my brother. Normally, my brother and I are the ones who put on the ornaments, so I make sure my brother knows not to put the two same ornament patterns next to each other (although, he doesn’t listen). He calls me a perfectionist, but compared to some people I don’t think I ‘m that bad. If I made my own ornaments, I would make them all different somehow (with the same color schemes of course). Maybe I’ll actually try making my own ornaments sometime. Which one would you rather do?