Prompt- Opinion: The PSSAs are next week.  Write a blog expressing your feelings about the PSSAs and standardized testing.  What do you predict will be a strength for you this year? What do you predict will be a weakness for you this year?

The PSSAs (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) are next week, and I’m actually excited about them. I mean we get a free bottle of water and a free snack in the morning. Plus, for me PSSAs aren’t too hard. If anything, it feels like less work than an actual school day. I think my strength for the PSSAs will be reading the passage and answering the questions about the passage because I just got a sampler of that part of the PSSAs and I got 100% on it. So, I’m feeling better about that part of the PSSAs. I think my weaknesses this year will be correctly explaining the TDAs (Text Dependent Analysis) and the math written responses. Although, I’m not sure if I’ll do better in reading or in math. For the PSSAs I’m going to do my best and hopefully get an advanced score.

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