Prompt: To prepare for the next Performance Task, I am asking you to write a review on a vacation destination you have recently been on.  Your review can be either good or bad.  Please rate your experience, providing as many details as possible!  Persuade us to either visit your wonderful location or avoid it at all costs!


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A big vacation I’ve recently been on was a cruise to the Caribbean on the Norwegian Gem. I would give this trip a five out of five. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone going on a trip. The cruise lasted a week and I enjoyed mostly everything on this trip. There was so much to do even when we weren’t at a cruise destination. On the cruise there are things like musicals, movie night, sports equipment, events like Family Feud, a spa, hired performers (magicians, jugglers, and even a hypnotist), and of course, pools.

There is also a kids camp (except you don’t sleep there) that kids can go to, and the parents can go to the adults only area. From personal experience, I can say that the kids camp can be very fun. I even got to color in a free shirt that I got. Not to mention, the amazing food. You pay one price and for the rest of the cruise you can eat without paying each time. All the food is included! Also, the workers are all very friendly and helpful. When you enter the restaurants there is also a welcoming worker with hand sanitizer who sprays it on for everyone. You should totally visit this wonderful location!