Prompt: Which one of your parents are you most like? Include a description of the parent, so that we can picture them in our mind.  Use sensory language: see, taste, touch, smell, hear.

Out of my mom and my dad, I think I’m more like my dad. My dad has black hair and dark brown eyes, with tan skin (just like me). Even though some family members say I look like my mom I have more characteristics from my dad.My mom said that (for my face) from the eyes and up I look like my dad, but from the nose and down I look like her.For example, a physical trait is that my dad has pretty thick eyebrows and so do I. Also, my dad and I have a similar taste in food. For example, my dad and I like steak more medium well, while my brother and my mom like it medium. We also like to have sweet treats once in a while, but my brother and mom normally don’t eat sweets. I mean, who doesn’t like a tasty-cake? They’re soft and chewy and super sweet. Another thing we have in common is that we like to watch NBA (National Basketball Association) more than the rest of my family. A lot of times when there is a live basketball game, my dad and I are the ones on the couch.

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