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PSSA Spirit Days


During the two weeks of reading and math PSSA tests we are asking students to wear certain colors to show off school spirit. The following lists are for the two weeks of Spirit Day colors. Monday April 3- Brown Tuesday April 4- Red Wednesday April 5- White Thursday April 6- Orange Friday April 7- Black […]

Spelling Words Test 3/31


Suffixes –ous, -sion, -ion, and – ation famous invention election furious imagination education nervous explanation various decision relaxation conversation tension humorous exhibition attraction invasion creation occupation destination Challenge Words cancellation summarization glamorous mysterious administration

Vocabulary Words Test 3/31


Vocabulary Words bizarre strange; weird; very unusual breathtaking so surprising,impressive, or beautiful that it could make people gasp headline the title of an article in the newspaper high-pitched describes a sound that ishigher than most other sounds roost a place to rest and sleep vital necessary; crucial

Vocabulary Words Test 2/24


abandoned gave up on, dismissed attempt try or make an effort bellow shout or roar like a bull cavern a large cave feat a difficult or skillful act immensely very greatly savage wild, ferocious, angry

Spelling Words Test 2/24


elementary vehicle miniature probability opportunity substitute variety literature elevator Pennsylvania ravioli cafeteria mosaic tuxedo meteorite fascination cylinder intermediate centennial curiosity Challenge documentary stegosaurus pediatrician mediocre simultaneous

Vocabulary – Exploding Ants, Test 1/27


Vocabulary Words critical being important to the outcome of a situation enables gives ability, power, or means to; makes able mucus a slimy substance produced in the nose and throat to moisten and protect them scarce hard to get; rare specialize to develop in a special way sterile free from germs

Spelling List – Exploding Ants, Test 1/27


cent sent scent threw through weather whether their there they’re chili chilly tide tied pale pail aloud allowed coarse course Challenge counsel council bizarre bazaar patients patience

Weslandia Spelling Test 1/13


khaki hula banana ballet waltz tomato vanilla canyon yogurt banquet macaroni polka cobra koala barbeque safari buffet stampede karate kiosk Challenge papaya artichoke sauerkraut succotash tsunami

Weslandia Vocabulary Test 1/13


blunders stupid mistakes civilization the ways of living of a people or nation complex made up of a number of parts; hard to understand envy feeling of discontent, dislike, or desire because another person has what you want fleeing running away inspired filled with a thought or feeling; influence rustling causing a light, soft sound […]

Special Effects in Film and Television Spelling Words Test 1/6


uncover defrost uncomfortable discourage disadvantage unfortunate unfamiliar disability discomfort deodorant unemployed deflate disbelief unpredictable disapprove disappoint unpleasant dehydrated disqualify undecided Challenge unnecessary disobedient dehumidifier disinfectant disenchanted

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