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Spelling Words Satchel Paige Test 9/30


Spelling Words Unit 1 Story 4 Satchel Paige Adding –ed, -ing supplied supplying denied denying decided deciding included including admitted admitting occurred occurring qualified qualifying identified identifying delayed delaying satisfied satisfying Challenge Words occupied occupying criticized criticizing omitted omitting

Satchel Paige Vocabulary Test 9/30


Vocabulary Words confidence firm belief in yourself; self-confidence fastball a pitch thrown at high speed with very little curve mocking laughing at; making fun of outfield the three players in the outfield of a baseball field unique having no like or equal; being the only one of its kind weakness a weak point; slight fault […]

Island of the Blue Dolphins Vocabulary


Vocabulary Words- Test 9/23 gnawed bitten or worn away headland narrow ridge of high land jutting out into water; promontory kelp any of various large, tough, brown seaweeds lair den or resting place of a wild animal ravine a long, deep, narrow valley eroded by running water shellfish a water animal with a shell, Oysters, […]

Island of the Blue Dolphins Spelling


Spelling Test 9/23 Spelling Words Unit 1 Story 3 Island of the Blue Dolphins Long Vowel Digraphs coast feast speech wheat Spain paint arrow needle charcoal praise faint maintain crease grain breeze willow appeal bowling complain sneeze Challenge Words dungarees bungalow campaign speedometer referee

Thunder Rose Vocabulary 9/12-9/16


Vocabulary Words branded marked by burning the skin with a hot iron constructed fitted together; built daintily with delicate beauty; freshly and prettily devastation waste; destruction lullaby song for singing to a child pitch thick, black, sticky substance made from tar or turpentine resourceful good at thinking of ways to do things thieving stealing veins […]

Spelling Words Thunder Rose 9/12-9/16


Spelling Words Unit 1 Story 2 Thunder Rose Long Vowel VCV fever broken climate hotel basic vocal native silent labor spider label icon agent motive vital acorn item aroma ego solo Challenge Words society rhinoceros notation idealistic equation

Welcome Back


Students and Parents on this site you will be able to see your weekly spelling words and vocabulary words. You may not have a formal homework assignment, but you should be studying these words every night. Even though I am not requiring a written report based on your nightly reading, you should still be reading […]

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