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Vocabulary Words Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Test 12/16


Vocabulary Words erected put up; built foundations parts on which the other parts rest for support; bases mold a hollow shape in which anything is formed, cast, or solidified occasion a special event proportion a proper relation among parts tidied put in order workshop space or building wherework is done

Spelling Words Test 12/16


excuse scene muscle explore pledge journal science schedule gigantic scheme Japan excellent exclaim fascinate ginger scholar scent dodge smudge schooner Challenge extraordinary reminisce acknowledge prejudice allergic

Spelling Words Leonardo’s Horse Test 12/9


waterproof teaspoon grasshopper homesick barefoot courthouse earthquake rowboat scrapbook countryside lightweight fishhook spotlight blindfold whirlpool tablespoon greenhouse postcard hummingbird thumbtack Challenge sledgehammer brokenhearted chalkboard straightforward granddaughter

Vocabulary Leonardo’s Horse Test 12/9


achieved carried out to a successful end architect person who designs and makes plans for buildings bronze a dark yellow-brown combination of copper and tin cannon a big gun, especially one that is mounted on a base or wheels depressed sad or gloomy fashioned made, shaped, or done midst in the middle philosopher a person […]

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