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Perpetual Motion Machine Spelling Words Test 12/2


jewel kingdom gasoline factory garage tropical pajamas estimate tomorrow humidity Chicago bulletin carnival illustrate elegant census terrific celebrate operate celery Challenge rehearsal salamander prominent significant parakeet

Perpetual Motion Machine Vocabulary Test 12/2


Vocabulary Words applauds shows approval by clapping hands, shouting, etc. browsing looking here and there fabulous wonderful; exciting inspecting looking over carefully;examining project a special assignment planned and carried out by a student or group of students

Paul Revere Vocabulary Test 11/18


Vocabulary Words fate what becomes of someone or something fearless without fear; afraid of nothing; brave; daring glimmer a faint, unsteady light lingers stays on; goes slowly, as if unwilling to leave magnified caused something to look larger than it actually is somber having deep shadows; dark; gloomy steed a horse, especially a riding horse

Spelling Words- Paul Revere Test 11/18


danger wander tractor dollar harbor eager eraser surrender solar sticker locker helicopter pillar refrigerator caterpillar rumor glimmer linger sensor alligator Challenge numerator collector ancestor counselor denominator

Week of 11/7-11/11


There will be no spelling or vocabulary words this week due to the shortened week.

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