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A Summer’s Trade Vocabulary, Test 11/4


Vocabulary Words bandana a square piece of fabric worn on the head or neck bracelet a piece of jewelry worn around the wrist hogan a kind of house used by the Navajo people jostled bumped or jiggled mesa a rock formation or mountain with a flat top Navajo a member of the Navajo Indian tribe […]

A Summer’s Trade Spelling Words, Test 11/4


example level slogan quarrel scramble evil oxygen wooden double travel cancel chuckle fossil toboggan veteran chisel suburban single sudden beagle Challenge obstacle kindergarten abdomen pummel enlighten

Spelling Words Ch’i-lin Purse


snore tornado spare appear career square report prepare pioneer chair beware smear repair sword ignore order engineer resort volunteer declare Challenge Words impair directory hardware porpoise clearance

Vocabulary Words Ch’i-lin Purse


Vocabulary Words astonished surprised greatly; amazed behavior manner of behaving; way of acting benefactor person who has given money or kindly help distribution the act of giving some to each, of dividing and giving out in shares gratitude kindly feeling because of a favor received; desire to do a favor in return; thankfulness procession something […]

Conference Letter


Parents, please look for the following letter coming home today, 10/21, about conferences. Please take note of the bolded section in the letter. October 2016 Dear Parents: We believe that it is vital that you have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers concerning your child’s instructional performance. This year our District has reserved Thursday, Nov.10, […]

Vocabulary Hold the Flag High Test 10/21


Vocabulary Words canteen a container that holds drinks confederacy a group of people, states, or countries that work together glory praise, honor quarrel a fight rebellion a conflict that leads to war stallion a male horse union states that are united as one country

Spelling words Hold the Flag High test 10/21


staffs ourselves pants scissors loaves volcanoes chiefs buffalos flamingos beliefs echoes shelves quizzes sheriffs dominoes thieves measles avocados chefs pianos Challenge Words bailiffs wharves mosquitoes armadillos desperadoes

Spelling At the Beach Test October 14th


shovel southern northern chapter hyphen chosen establish although challenge approach astonish python shatter ethnic shiver pharmacy charity china attach ostrich Challenge Words emphasis sophomore athlete phenomenal chimpanzee

Vocabulary At The Beach Test October 14


algae a group of related living things, mostly living in water concealed put out of sight; hidden driftwood wood carried along by water or washed ashore from the water hammocks hanging beds or couches made of canvas, cord, etc. lamented felt or showed grief sea urchins small, round sea animals with spiny shells sternly strictly, […]

Vocabulary Words Ten Mile Day Test 10/7


Vocabulary Words barren unable to grow plant life deafening so loud as to cause a loss of hearing lurched moved suddenly previous occurring earlier in time or position prying moving up, apart, open, or out with force surveying measuring the size, borders, and shape of (as a plot of land)

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