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The Adventures of Frank Bender: The Pencil War, Chapter 3: The Gas Station

on November 2, 2016

The trip to the gas station was absolutely great!  Frank helped Shirley make the paper car.  All of the cars that Frank has ever saw didn’t run on gas, they ran on air.  The mad mastermind who created this madness was believed to be a tree that was tired of pollution, so he created an eco-friendly car that ran on air.  Soon after he was discovered, everyone begged him to teach them how.  Luckily, a few people knew how to make them before the tree died of stress.  It was unbelievable.  But as long as there were trees, there was air, and as long as there was air, there was a working car, as long as there was a working car, there were happy “people,” and as long as there were happy people, everything ran smoothly.

It was a long way to get to the gas station.  First, they had to travel down a long ruler named Yuler.  He’d always let them ride down.  Then, after the long, fast ride down, they landed on a table named Timmy.  He said it tickled whenever they would ride across.  Next, when the table came to an end, they came across another ruler named Nuler.  That time, they had to ride up the ruler.  It was hard work, but they finally made it.  From there, that took them to a tall desk with papers and stuff all over it.  Frank and Shirley searched and searched for the gas station.  Then, they finally found it next to a coffee cup named Connie.  The weird thing about the gas station was that it was in a different place every time they came.

So then Frank and Shirley got out of the car.  The car was no good now, so they fed it to Pepsi The Paper Shredder.  

Just then, something caught Frank’s eye.  It said:  PET STORE, in big, bold letters.

“Look Shirley!” he said, “It’s a pet store!  Can we go in and see the pets?”

Not today, Frank.  Now tell me, how does the gas station work?,” said Shirley.

Then Frank started talking, “Well, every 2 weeks the workers brought over a squid from the fish tank over by the cabinets.  Then they’d squeeze the ink out of its tentacles and into Iggy The Ink Pad. (AKA, The Gas Station)  Next, you attach a paper pump from the ink to the tip of your tip where you draw.  Then Iggy pumps the ink.  And you feel all nice and new!”

“Oh.  I get it now Frank,” Shirley thought out loud. 

“Can you help me attach the paper tube to my tip?”


So then Shirley helped Frank get more ink.  Then they had to find another piece of paper to fold and crease into a car.  Luckily, there was a pad of paper right next to them.  They ripped out a piece and folded.  They then climbed in and began their journey home.  They went down Nuler, across Timmy, and up Yuler.  They then finally reached home.  But right before they were about to get out, Shirley stopped.

“Frank, Shirley started, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Why, sure!,”

Frank knew that the moment was about to come.  The moment where Shirley would ask Frank to be her boyfriend.  He could just feel it.

“Well, I’ve been thinking.  And well, you seem very nice Frank.  So, not to jump right in, but will you be my boyfriend?”

“I KNEW IT!,” yelled Frank, “YES!”


“Oh, I mean yeah, sure, fine,” Frank said, all maturely.

“Okay then,” said Shirley, “I best get going now.”

Frank was so happy as he walked into the door of his family’s small apartment.  It must have been showing so much that it made his parents asked.

“Honey, why do you have your happy face on?  Aren’t you always grumpy when you come home from the gas station?,” asked Mummy out of curiosity.


“And what did you say?,” asked Papa in his uh-oh voice.

“I said yes of course!,” said Frank still very excited.

“Well that’s great honey!,” Mummy and Daddy repeated again and again in harmony.  It sort of got annoying to Frank, but it was worth it.   

4 Responses to “The Adventures of Frank Bender: The Pencil War, Chapter 3: The Gas Station”

  1. keeport016 says:

    I really the the name Pepsi the paper shredder I thought that that was pretty funny. Although while Frank and Shirley were at the gas station Shirley said “I get now Frank” did you mean I get it now. I wonder are you going to continue the series? Please come and leave me a comment at

  2. brantlj says:

    I love you frank bender stories they are so cool and fun. When is the next chapter coming out? They are awesome!! You are the best at making fun stories. Maybe i can help give you some ideas. Please come to my blog. (:

  3. stern338 says:

    The next chapter is hopefully going to be out by Tuesday. Thanks! 🙂

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