December 9

Trout Are Here

                            Trout Are Here!!!


In second grade we are getting trout in our school! The brook trout are the only type of trout native to the east coast. We are keeping them in a tank. They are hiding in the redd, which is a nest for brook trout. The water has to be chilled to 53F. or they will die. The tank has to be covered or they will die because of too much light. We can take the cover off for 15 minutes or else they will die.

There are 185 brook trout in the tank. On the trip to the tank 53 of them died because the trip was too bumpy. The picture is the tank they are in. If you look very closely you can see one of them in the bottom left corner. Brook trout are the tigers of the stream. They are vicious predators. Adult trout usually lay 1,000 eggs if they are healthy. Only 10 of the eggs usually survive.

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  1. Angus

    I really enjoyed this blog. I like how you had fact about the trout and how to keep them alive. I thought it got a bit confusing in the middle of the first paragraph, but other than that I now no much more about the brook trout.


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