December 13

The Pilots ROCK!!!

      The Pilots ROCK!!!                  By:Jackson                                   Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco 

Twenty One Pilots is the best pop band ever!!! They have a ton of good songs like Fairy Local, Car Radio, Stressed Out, Ride, Heathens, House of Gold,Tear in my Heart, Cancer, Holding on to You and Can’t Help Falling in Love. You can look up “Twenty One Pilots music” and these songs will pop up. You should listen to some of them!!!

You are probably thinking no pop band are christian singers right. But Tyler Joseph the lead singer is a christian!!! He also plays bass. Tyler Joseph was born December 1, 1988. The band started to get popular in 2011. The album Blurryface was released May 15,2015. The picture in the top corner is of Tyler Joseph at a concert!!!

Twenty One Pilots was voted the biggest breakout band in 2015!!! They are open to new band members. I hope you like my story and I hope you visit some of the links below. Please listen to some of their songs!!! Do you like Twenty One Pilots?                    Noelle Redman via Compfight

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2 thoughts on “The Pilots ROCK!!!

  1. martin3z3

    Yes Jackson I LOVE Twentyonepilots, they are my favorite band. Did you know that Tyler Joseph’s brother is also in a band? My favorite song by twentyonepilots is Heathens. What is your favorite song by them? Great job on the post!!! 🙂

  2. Jackson

    Thanks Ashton!!! My favorite song is Fairy Local it has great bass!!!
    Go to twenty one pilots music and you can listen to it. Or in your basement.

    See ya’ Jackson OUT 🙂


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