December 8

The Man Who Had His Head In The Clouds

                                                                                           Our Narrative Poem

By: Katie and Jackson

He was born in 1772,

After Columbus sailed the ocean blue.                

His name is Luke Howard,

He was very high-powered


He would study well,

You could easily tell

He would go in his yard,

And work very hard.


His father didn’t want him to be lazy,

Or else he would go crazy.

At first the clouds were mystery,

But Luke made that history.

When he studied weather

He knew clouds were light as a feather.

By the time he died

He had a lot of pride.  


He had had lots of fun,

By the time he was done.

When Luke was a boy,

The clouds gave him joy.


He studied weather like rain and fog,

He would see the clouds when on a jog.

He filled his shelf with lots of books,

He didn’t care about good looks.


He liked to explore,

It was definitely not a chore.

He named the clouds,

And impressed the crowds.


Luke Howard was a guy,

Who loved to look at the sky.

Then he died,

It had been a wonderful ride.

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