Gifted Expo is Coming — May 16, 2017!!

This week students were introduced to the 7 Steps of Investigative Research and we began Step #1, Topic Selection.  Once again, students will have the opportunity to take some ownership in their learning and select an area of interest/strength to research.  This hard work of researching and finding new information and making it your own will all culminate at our annual Gifted Expo on May 16, 2017 at New Holland Elementary.  Please save the date now and plan to join us for an evening of sharing, learning, and fun.

Encourage your students to learn new facts, concepts, and ideas throughout this process.  Often times, gifted students have a desire to share their own background knowledge (which can be plentiful), but resist the idea of new learning that may alter or change what they already feel they know.  Investigation and research is about learning something new and then presenting it in your own fresh way to an audience.  I can’t wait to see what students come up with this year!

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