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My students have phenomenal ideas!  During our first classes in the past two weeks, they’ve shared what they would like to learn about this year.  Here is a list of some of their learning topics:

  • Stonehenge
  • Machu Picchu
  • Altitude Sickness/Reactions
  • Albert Einstein
  • The making of Robots
  • The Ancient Pyramids
  • Famous Chefs
  • Human Growth
  • Germany’s involvement in World Wars I & II
  • History of the piano
  • The development of Apple Inc.
  • The Holocaust
  • Giant Caterpillars
  • Computer “languages”
  • Solar Eclipses
  • Bioluminescence

Wow! We’ve got a LOT to learn!  I love the enthusiasm behind these ideas.  Our students will become investigators, researchers, explorers, scientists, inventors, and more…there’s lots of learning ahead.

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