Mrs. O’Donnell’s Math Class

Students have been using five online math programs in class that can also be accessed from home:

  • Xtra math – Xtra math is a fact fluency program.   We are starting with addition fluency as review before moving onto subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • IXL – IXL is a skills practice program.  We often choose grade level skill practice, but sometimes we go back to second grade skills for review or we jump ahead to fourth grade skills for enrichment.
  • STMath – STMath is a visual math skills program. 
  • Khan Academy – Khan Academy is a differentiated math program providing practice in third grade skills and beyond.  
  • Zearn – Zearn provides practice with third grade standards and moves students through concrete, representational, and abstract problems.

Please ask your child to share their usernames and passwords with you.

We are practicing our math facts with our Karate themed fluency program.   Students are working hard to earn karate belt ribbons as they master one multiplication/division fact level and move to the next.  Third graders are working to become proficient with their multiplication facts through ten, as well as their division facts.  Please practice math facts at home daily. Be looking for a math fact practice packet to come your way. Keep the sessions short; several short sessions are more effective than one long session.