Mrs. Noyes

February News:

Several reasons to celebrate!!

At our recent High 5 Assembly, our homeroom won the Golden Library Award. Classes can earn this at the end of a marking period. It is earned by great behavior in Special.

In Library MakerSpace, third graders designed boats out of foil and straws. Carley and Kalli designed a boat that held 157 pennies without sinking. This was a District record as Mrs. Carter kept records from all classes in the district. The boat will be displayed at Brecknock Elem. in March.

Thank you for checking & signing your child’s agenda book every night. Your cooperation in teaching responsibility is greatly appreciated.  I check agenda books every morning in case you have written me a note, and any important papers for you will be sent home in the agendas/team folders. Please put excuse cards for absences and any other important notes in your child’s team folder so they can easily find it in the morning and hand it in (sometimes they don’t see/remember notes items in their backpacks).

Water bottles…these are welcome in the room as long as they are plastic, have a sport top to minimize spills, and are filled with water only. When water spills, it will not stain books/papers, and will not attract ants. Thank you for your cooperation with this as we strive to stay hydrated while taking care of our materials.

Birthday Treat Suggestions from the School Nurse: A book for the library, pencils/stickers etc., since there are several children with food allergies.

When the weather begins to change, please be sure your child brings a warm coat to school.  Our recess is at 10:30 am….well before the “high temperature” of the day.  Also, on any given day there could be a fire drill…requiring us to stand outside for about 10 minutes or so. It’s always best to be prepared. It is always a good idea to have a sweater/sweatshirt for inside the classroom as well, as we have limited control of the thermostat.

If you could put your child’s name somewhere on the inside of the coat, that would be helpful.  With about 600 students, it is likely that there are duplicate coats. There are sometimes mix-ups at the racks outside the cafeteria. A name inside makes it easier to find coat owners.



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