Mrs. O’Donnell’s Language Arts Class

It has been a busy time in our ELA class.  We have researched careers, debated whether cursive should be taught in school , and we read about reindeer, Yellowstone National Park,  volcanoes in Hawaii, and more.  We finished our latest Binder of Doom read aloud and we have started reading Gerbilitis.

Writing, writing, writing!  Each student completed a job story.  Students had to choose their future career and write about a day in their life to practice their narrative writing skills.  Our class contains future barbers, astronauts, therapists, fishermen, dancers, fashion designers, firefighters, spies, farmers, cashiers, video game designers, veterinarians, chefs, and more!  We are looking forward to Career Day to learn about our parents’  jobs.

We are having a great time communicating with our Brecknock pen pals.  We are anxiously awaiting our next package from our friends across the district.

We continue to practice our spelling words.  New words will be introduced every other Monday and the test will be taken every other Wednesday.  A few minutes studying each night will provide needed practice.

Keep reading and filling in those Bingo reading log sheets!  🙂