Current Happenings

Welcome to our Third Grade Blog site.  On this page you will find current events and/or projects that 3rd grade is working on.

February is Dental Health Awareness Month! Dr. Berstecher will speak to 3rd graders about the importance of dental health on Friday Feb. 1st.

Valentine’s Day — Thursday Feb. 14th.  This is an early dismissal day.

We will exchange Valentines in HOMEROOM. Students are welcome to bring Valentine greetings for their classmates. Students do not have to bring Valentines, but if they do, we ask that they please be sure to bring one for everyone in the class.  Homeroom teachers will send home lists of names for correct spellings.



December is a busy month and will end with a celebration on Friday Dec. 21.

A Winter Festival Party

We will be having a Winter Festival Party on December 21st, from 2:00-3:25.  We are asking for families to donate supplies and time.  Mrs. Noyes’ homeroom will be responsible for drinks. Please shy away from caffeine and red-dye -based drinks.  Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom is responsible for salty treats and Mrs. Opdyke’s and Mrs. Mergenthaler’s homerooms are responsible for sweet treats.   Although we do have more than 70 students, plan on providing enough snacks and drinks for 12 students. We will be having a buffet style- smorgasbord.  Please let us know in writing or email what your family would like to help with.  Remember that parents must have their clearances to help at the party.

In January, we will wrap up our ELA module that had us exploring careers by inviting parents to share their careers with us. We are seeking nurses, farmers, construction workers, engineers, retailers, homemakers, automobile mechanics, and so forth…

We are asking for twelve parents to come in on Tuesday, January 8th from 10:15-12:00 to talk about your careers.   We would like you to talk with small groups of 3rd grade students about where you work, your job title, your job description, and the training involved for your position.   These sharing segments should last no more than ten minutes and you will probably share with six different groups of students.

Only those who have attained their completed background checks will be able to participate in this 3rd grade job fair adventure.  If you would like to participate and you have not attained your clearances, you may see the district website for details on requirements.

Please respond by December 17th.  We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please contact any one of your child’s teachers via phone (354-1525) and/or email.  Our emails are: ; ; ;

In November, we are beginning a school- wide marker recycling program. Third graders researched topics related to trash, recycling, pollution, and health. They chose to present their learning by various means. When you come to school, you will see student-created marker receptacles in each classroom. There will be posters in the hallways, students will see presentations by third graders, hear announcements by third graders, and receive flyers about the recycling program. One group even created a web-site about the project. You can find that here:

Another group created a list of FAQs: